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Interactions Within Ecosystems Mind Map

Hopefully, this will get 1 bonus mark on the test:)

Shanza Saleem

on 25 November 2010

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Transcript of Interactions Within Ecosystems Mind Map

the food chain
What's the difference between a food chain and a food web?
A food chain is a much more simplified version of what actually happens
Example of a food chain.
Example of a food web
Organisms that can make their own food;they provide energy for consumers and store energy from the sun. Ex. Plants
Organisms that do not make their own food and depend on the producers to live. For Example:fox, hawk, etc.
Types of consumers
A Primary Consumer. Herbivores are animals that only feed on plants
An animal that eats another animal is called a carnivore
A consumer that eats both plants and animals is an omnivore
They bring back materials from the dead animal body to the environment
An animal that eats dead or decaying material
the carbon cycle
Little bunny Foufou
Important Facts
Carbon is the most important element in life
Food chains follow energy, but the carbon cycle follows carbon
Carbon originates in the atmosphere, in water or in the soil. Eergy, followed by food chains, originates in the sun.
Sun -> Producer -> Consumer -> Decomposer -> Soil
Carbon cycle also looks at waste products
The Carbon Cycle shows how carbon through living things and their environment
THE ARROWS SHOW THE WAY THE ENERGY GOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The sequence of changes in the organisms that make up a community following a natural or human disturbance of their environment
What is Succession
The gradual growth of organisms in an area that was previously bare
Secondary Succession
The gradual growth of organisms in an area that previously had a number of organisms. Ex. regeneration of a burned forest area
Benefits of forest fires
Browsers such as deer and elk eagerly move back into an area in the first year after it has burned, because fire usually stimulater new plant growth which is tastier and more nutritious
Fire periodically removes understory vegetation and some trees, ensuring that the remaining larger trees have enough light, water and nutrients to thrive and grow.
The very first plants to arrive in a new ecosystem. Kinda like pioneer settlers
Primary Succession
Pioneer Species
A forest Fire in British Columbia
Some insects are attracted to burned areas. They attack and deposit their eggs in trees that have been weakend
Some plants can't reproduce without fire. For example, the seeds of some pines are released only after the heat of a fire has opened the cone.
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