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Bill McCollum

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

All three of these issues brought about by war create an impoverished, uneducated, and starving nation. However the root problem is not warfare. The problem lies within the impoverishment, under-education, and starvation of any nation's people. There are many down-right stupid reasons for this ineffective distribution. The biggest reason, and possibly the most idiotic one is war. There has been 11 major wars in Africa since 1990, and some are still raging on. These wars bring about the rise of suppressive dictators, corrupt governments, and the destruction of crops. If you can eliminate said impoverishment, starvation, and under-education. A nation can become independently industrialized and self sufficient.
The only question is, "How?". You see, the world as it is today can supply all seven billion people on Earth with 2720 calories a day!

So, why is there a world hunger problem you ask? Introduction The Idiocy and the Possible solution of World Hunger In Third-World Nations. When people say that there is not enough food in the world to feed those who are starving, they can never be more wrong. The only possible way to explain why two billion people world-wide can be obese, while 20,000 people die each day from starvation is the fact that we, as a world economy do not effectively distribute the food supply to all the nations in the world that require that precious nutrition. The solution to the problem is rather simple... In fact those previously listed problems are derived from one of the problems itself. Starvation can lead to under-education, and then under-education can lead to poverty, poverty leads to anger, and anger leads to war which in turn loops the whole cycle. So, to prevent the whole blasted cycle from looping itself; you have to address its root problem. Starvation... However many current solutions entail throwing money at the world hunger problem, expecting it to solve itself. This is why you have to focus on the resource issue and decolonization of Africa and other nations with severe problems. This is where the every-day man or woman can make a difference. To solve a problem that concerns resources you cannot throw money at it and expect success! So we do not ask for your money. Instead of asking for your money, on the behalf of the ONE organization we ask you to petition your local government, farmers, and organizations that are for ending world hunger. The petition would ask for farmers across America to donate ten GM crop seeds each that are drought, pest, herbicide, stress, and pathogen resistant. These GM seeds will be given to farmers in needy communities that reside within Africa. Instructions for planting and care can be translated into their native language to enable ease of access. We know that this is starting on a small scale, but let's do some simple math. There are over 900,000 Farmers in the United States, (according to http://www.epa.gov/agriculture/ag101/demographics.html) if all goes well and this video reaches at least a hundred thousand different persons in different communities and all of their local farmers do as asked by the petition; it is reasonable to expect almost a million GM seeds to be donated. This is ideal and far from real but if this is made possible by willing and able people, African nations can become independent of foreign aid by food. Thank you in advance for the effort you may or may not put into making this goal a reality
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