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No description

Josie Perez

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of IOP

IOP Presentation Relationships between characters In Owen Meany & Metamorphisis Metamorphisis

Characters: Grete & Gregor

Relationship between them: Grete is very mindful of Gregor and caring towards him. She slams the door shut but than feels sorry about possibly bothering her brother.

Gregor doesnt seem to have faith in Grete,
he rather starve than demand a dish of food from his sister.
Grete is extremely caring towards Gregor because
at first she brings a plate of food and notices
that Gregor doesnt like it, so she takes it back
and brings back a huge assortment of plates for
gregor to choose from. Gregor is always aware of when
Grete is entering and exiting the room. "But his sister noticed at once to her astonishment
that the bowl was still full. Only a little milk was
spilled around it; She picked it up immediately - not
with her bare hands, of course but with a rag- and
carried it out." - (22) All the hesitation is because
Gregor is a bug. How does this affect their relationship?
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