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Online Evolution - Be a part of it

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Laura van Jaarsveld

on 16 November 2013

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Transcript of Online Evolution - Be a part of it

By using smarter and faster
online systems to support
exchange management
The Opportunities Portal was launched to provide a site where your potential EPs can access more information about our GIP and GCDP TNs available live. Here they can search for TNs which might suit them, without having to be raised onto myaiesec.net.

This portal makes information a lot more accessible to the user and means that when we are interviewing potential EPs, they have already provided us with enough information to raise and match them faster than ever before!

The Global Online Registration System (ORS) is the backend of aiesec.org and the opportunities portal. Here you can access the information of anyone from your entity who registers and easily manage conversion. The system is automatic and tracks the movements of potential EPs on our online systems, tracking their conversion for you to see live!

The system also provides detailed business intelligence you can use to improve your marketing, processes and products to attract even more potential EPs!

Welcome to the digital age!

In order to reach 2015, we need
to listen to our customers, have fast
and simple processes in place and empower our members with advanced systems. And we need to start doing this NOW!
one Click at a time
Week 1: The why of the platforms
& setting up the basics
Step 1: contact the musketeers for access
Step 2: Customise the opportunities portal to your country partners & the GCDP issues and GIP sub-products you are promoting
Step 3: Set up ID's for your LC and SU teams
- Label LCs by their short name. I.e. "AIESEC LC Rotterdam" should be called "Rotterdam" on the ORS.
- Make sure you check the spelling of your LCs and SUs!
- Only enter the names of LCs and SUs which are currently active in your entity!
Play around with the platforms,
become a user!
Know your current state of CONVERSION!
1. Map out your current customer flow
- How does an EP first find out about AIESEC and your exchange products? (Through which channels and promotion methods)
- What is the next step they need to do? (To find out more information and be in the assessment pipeline)
- What process do they need to follow to get raised?
2. Write down the number of leads at each stage from your last recruitment, then measure the rate between the following stages:
- First contact with AIESEC
- Getting more information
- Attending an interview
- Raised on myaiesec.net
3. Break down these numbers per LC and see their conversion rates.
Step 1: Customise the automatic emails with templates for your entity
Welcome to the digital age!
Attend the FIRST WEBINAR for MCs:

Decide one person on your MC Responsible!
Decide who on your MC will be responsible for Conversion management and implementation of the Global ORS and Opportunity Portal.

We recommend this be your MCVP Marketing/Communications as they are directly responsible for the process of attracting and converting more for the right EPs for GCDP and GIP in your entity.

Decide which role in the LC will be responsible!
We recommend this be your LCVP Marketing/Communications as they are directly responsible for the process of attracting and converting more of the right EPs for GCDP and GIP in their LC.

However, ensure this is aligned with the MCVP responsible.

Week 2: Customising the System and Marketing
Attend the SECOND WEBINAR for MCs:

Week 3: Educating your LCs
Attend the THIRD WEBINAR for MCs:

Week 4: Ongoing Tracking, Management and using the Business Intelligence you Collect
Step 1: Keep your LCs accountable to the Implementation timeline
TUESDAY 19th Nov | 3pm GMT+1
Register for the webinars now: http://bit.ly/1ccrF58
TUESDAY 26th Nov | 3pm GMT+1
Register for the webinars now: http://bit.ly/1ccrF58
TUESDAY 3rd Dec | 3pm GMT+1
Register for the webinars now: http://bit.ly/1ccrF58
Step 2: Put the Global ORS Sign-up form on your national website
Step 1: Add agenda space at your next National conference, and set a weekly schedule for education webinars
Make the emails in the language your potential EPs speak, with a friendly tone
Edit the content to include your GIP and GCDP product names - remember this is still a marketing phase!
Include links to or embed showcasing videos from your recent EPs from youtube
Include important information such as the next steps of the application process, timelines, and programme requirements
Include links to your Social Media
Customise the email for each stage differently to reflect the expectations and information that the potential EP will want to know at each stage
NB: these email templates will be the default for all your LCs unless they chose to edit the templates themselves
Step 3: Put the Opportunities Portal on ALL your promotional channels
Add the Opportunities Portal as a
page on your website
Add it as a tab on your Facebook
page with Woobox.com
Add it as the call to action on your
print media and social media
Check the rest of this output for session content, and remember to keep your message simple:
Why do we need to become Big AIESEC Online?
Build hype around the possibilities they bring! Connect it to growth!
Customise global education for your reality!
What is the implementation timeline and who is responsible in my LC?
What if I have questions or need help?
Step 2: Use global resources to make clear presentations and videos, print the posters for your LCs, run an internal Big AIESEC Online campaign
Step 3: Start using your Conversion Data to improve backwards planning
Step 2: Use the Global ORS analytics to improve future marketing campaigns, country partnerships, and Sub-product focuses!
Attend the FOURTH WEBINAR for MCs:

TUESDAY 10th Dec | 3pm GMT+1
Register for the webinars now: http://bit.ly/1ccrF58
To ensure full implementation by your LCs before your next promotional peak:
Make sure your MCVP LCD, OD and LC Coaches are fully aware of the action steps required by each LC and are tracking them on this.
Track your LC's performance in conversion by logging into the ORS and comparing the conversion rates of LCs
Showcase GCPs from LCs who improve their conversion rates through the smart use of these systems
Think of rewards and recognition you could give to the LCs fastest to adapt the new systems
Keep your LCs updated through newsletters and conferences
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