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Reality Fair

No description

Nicholas Irons

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Reality Fair

Reality Fair 2010 Job Outlook Average Beginning Salary Results of Interests Survey Career Choice Reasoning Behind Career Decision Education and Training Needed Responsibilities of Job Working Environment Related Careers References The Excellent Job known as...fry cookery! The survey resulted in suggesting jobs in these fields:
1. Finance, Score: 100
2. Government and Public Administration, Score: 100
3. Education and Training, Score: 87.5 I chose to be a fast-food frycook because last year i picked a job that paid $350,000 a year.
It was quite an easy task to budget my costs: I bought everything and still had tons of money left over.
I want to challenge myself by having a low-paying job and, as a result, having to think about my costs more. Fast-food frycooks require high school diplomas
for some restaurants, or no education at all.
Most training is on-the-job and does not require classes. Job outlook for a frycook is good.
Because of the high turnover and
the public's enjoyment of cheap,
readily made food. $16,880 The responsibilites of a frycook include cooking the burger patties,
assembling the burger, wrapping the burger, and sending it
to be given to the customer. Frycooks will also sometimes clean the grill
and floor when assigned by their manager. Frycooks work in hot, cramped places.
They often have to stand for hours at a time.
On-the-job injuries happen often but aren't serious
enough to require attention. The job is hectic during
busy dining hours and this can lead to fast-paced working
and frustration. The environment is good overall and your
colleagues are often your age. Related Careers include:
Butchers and Meat Cutters
Chefs. Head Cooks, and Food Preparation Serving and Supervisors
Food and Beverage Serving and Related Workers
Food Service Managers Websites:
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