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Has Media Corrupt Sport?

For my Exercise science presentation

Elaine Thompson

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Has Media Corrupt Sport?

Introduction to corruption of sport by media How Does Media Influence Sport? Works Cited Sporting events and games are influenced by current economic, social and political situations.
Media corrupts sport negatively through payments made for advertising and it can be argued that the purpose of sport has disappeared completely.
When was the last time you heard that sport is for exercise, for fun on a competitive level? Now it seems it's only about succeeding at sport to make money and not for the competition itself.
People say “ its not a sport anymore it’s a business” because of how vastly media has taken over sports and taken the fun out of it. History of Media and Sport History of Media http://prezi.com/pxhsqvcjjjlm/has-the-media-corrupted-sport/




http://www.buzzle.com/articles/history-of-mass-media.html History of Sport Media started off with the first newspaper that was printed in China 868 A.D. However back then not many people were literate so it was not successful.
Johannes Gutenberg from Europe printed the first ever book to be printed in the press in 1453. People have been fascinated with sport throughout the ages when it began when the first Olympics came out in 776BC. However historians believe it to be earlier than recorded but this is the fact that is known.
Olympics are well known up till this day but when it first started in ancient Greece it only had two games compared to the many games now. Has Media Corrupted Sport? Conclusion to Media
Corrupting Sport In conclusion the media can be cruel or be nice to you but at the end of the day the media through the influence of advertising money has promoted changes in sport. Hence Media has corrupted sport through making it being about the money not the fun of the competition. Presentation done and made by
Elaine Thompson During the period of the post-Second World War, radio, television and video were introduced. The audio-visual facilities became very popular as they provided information and entertainment such that a large audience was available to advertisers. Of late, it is the Internet which has become the latest and most popular of the mass media. Here, information has been generated through various websites and search engines and again advertisements can reach large numbers of people.
Due to the progress of science and technology, throughout history media and advertising going with it has evolved and reached the present-day world of internet, cellular phones, blogs and podcast.  As Media evolves more the more people get more involved in sport and watching it. Media has influenced sport in many ways:
by allowing many more people to watch events
by bringing different types of sport to public attention
people far from the event, even in foreign countries can watch
Through the advertising opportunities the above points have raised, individuals and teams have access to sponsorship and payment for advertising which has raised the level of equipment, facilities, professionalism and competitiveness But media has changed over the years in the way it has influenced sport.
People love winners hence they are sought out by advertisers and sponsors so the players are encouraged to win more and more Media has been an influence in creating harmful problems and then only in some cases helping to correct problems

Steroids is an example of this . In Major League Baseball this made players feel they had to hit home runs to gain the approval of the media and the fans. Thus they took steroids to help them bulk up. Even though the media addressed the issue they were the ones to cause the problem in the first place through the competition for advertising money.
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