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St. Patrick Fine Arts AISI Encouraging Creativity

St. Patrick Fine Arts Elementary AISI Project Cycle 4 - Encouraging Creativity in the 21st Century Student. Derek Lidstone - Lead Teacher

Derek Lidstone

on 8 September 2010

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Transcript of St. Patrick Fine Arts AISI Encouraging Creativity

Creative Process St. Patrick Fine Arts Elementary
AISI Project Cycle 4
2009 -2010 What is Creativity? the imagining and realization of new and useful ideas. ANALYTIC ABILITY the balance of three abilities SYNTHETIC ABILITY PRACTICAL ABILITY Coming up with new ideas or combinations of existing ideas. Selecting the best idea. Doing it. What can we do? Motivation
Uncommon commitment
Courage Integrate Fine Arts Communicate Creativity Learning styles
Stimulate senses
Widen associations Model examples
Common vocabulary
Reference process Dr. J. Henry's M.U.S.I.C. model of Creativity Classroom conducive to Creativity Tribes Learning Communities Encouraging Creativity This project will encourage and improve student creativity through an awareness and practice of a creative process within a learning environment conducive to creativity Adapted from Ian Jukes process for teaching digital generation
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