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No description

Alysa Nguyen

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of PDA

(Public displace of affection)
Alysa Nguyen, Madisson Martinez, and Kobe Huckabay
- The couples are making out in the hallways constantly and some are coming late to class.
- It began 17 years ago
-People stick each others tongue down each other tonsils.

-Teachers and principals should stand and tell kids to do it outside of school, and get to class. Less tardy, less detention.
-Most high schools don't stop student from having PDA or try to stop it from happening
-Nothing had worked since no one tried to solve the problem.
-Knowing the problem being solve is when you don't see couples putting their tongues down their tonsils.
-PDA Police
-PDA Police are the people who monitor the hallways for PDA. Every time PDA police see kids doing PDA, they'll get a ticket and a fine. It'll double each time they get another one.
- We chose this solution, because we don't want to see other people tongues going down their tonsils.
-It would slow the PDA down, because no one want to get fine for PDA. Especially when it double up every time you get a ticket.
-We would talk to the principal about the policy.
Solution and Implement
-People will start throwing fit, because we stop them from making out in the hallways.
-They have to obey the rules, unless they want to pay for their "PDA ticket".
-It'll take at least a month or so.
-The principal and school board will need to see this with the super attendant.
2. Establish the criteria
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