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No description

alissea ortiz

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of FROZEN


As a child elsa discovered she had powers to make ice and snow with her hands. Her parents made her hide it, but one day she exposed herself while agruing with her sister Anna. Everyone was frightened so she ran into the mountains accidently freezing all of Arendelle.
Anna is Elsa's sister.
One day while playing, her sister struck her
with ice, Anna was okay, but they erased her memory of her sister's powers, and part of her hair remained white. Anna has a very bubbly
personality and is not afraid of doing anything.
once her sister runs off she goes on a journey to find her, while finding new friends along the way.
Kristoff is a man who Anna meets during her journey to find her sister. He is an ice man, (makes ice blocks for the kingdom), and has a carefree attitude. He helps Anna on the rest of her journey, but not without running into some trouble on the way. In the end, he gets her to her sister, but also ends up falling for the princess.
Anna, Kristoff, and Sven run into this whimsical ball of fun along the way to find Elsa. He is completely oblivious to what heat can do to a snowman, his dream is to be a part of summer.
Sven is Kristoff's right hand reindeer, since he was little its always just been him and Kristoff. Kristoff shares carrots with Sven and even pretends he can talk. Sven's personality is similar to a dogs he loves to prance and is always very curious.
He is first sweet and very charming, then he turns cruel and leaves Anna when she is the most vulnerable.
Every movie needs a Villon, and at first you would never expect Hans to portray that role.He is the youngest of twelve brothers and is up for doing anything that can give him a spot on the thrown.
Anna and Elsa were the best of
sisters, and with Elsa's special
abilities they had more fun than you
could imagine. One day while playing
Elsa accidently struck Anna with ice.
They went to the trolls for help, but Anna
could no longer remember Elsa had
powers. Elsa remained in her room,and
the castle gates were shut to conceal
her powers, no one could know not even
Their parents went on
a trip, but did not make it back. Years past and it was finally corination day for Elsa. The gates would finally be opened. It was a happy day for everyone, but Anna ran into prince Hans and thought she was in "love". She asked for Elsa's permission to marry him, when she denied her request they began to argue, exposing Elsa's powers.
With her powers exposed and the kingdom terrified, Elsa took off into the mountains.She built
a castle made of ice and made her a new dress. She finally could be somewhere she didn't have to hide her powers, she could be free.
Meanwhile, all of arendelle
was frozen over by Elsa. Anna
rushed off to get her sister back
and to bring back the summer.
She left prince Hans in charge
while she was gone. While on
this journey she ran into
Kristoff and Sven. She convinced them to help her.
Along the way they were chased by wolfs and Kristoff broke his sled. Upon arriving to the north mountain, where Elsa is at, they meet the adorable Olaf.
They finally reach Elsa's
castle, but Elsa wont listen and
wants Anna to leave.They begin
to agrue again. Anna tells Elsa
arendelle is in deep deep deep deep snow. Elsa panics because she does not know how to unfreeze the ice. While panicing Elsa strikes her sister
with ice once again but this time
it hit her heart .
Kristoff takes Anna to his
friends, the trolls, and they said only an act of true love would unfreeze her heart. They take her to prince Hans for a kiss,
but he said he didn't love her and left her in the cold room to die. Hans captured Elsa and tells her she killed Anna. Elsa starts to cry and causes a blizzard in arendelle

Kristoff sees the blizzard and turns back around for Anna. Anna sees Krisoff and tries to make it in time to kiss him before she freezes. She then spots Han raising his sword to kill Elsa, Anna immediately ran to save her sister. she saves her sister but not before she is frozen. Elsa cries on her sister and unfreezes her. She then discovers love is what unfreezes things. She unfreezes arendelle, and they live happily ever after.
google images ( for photos)
spotify.com (for music)
://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufatvn1hp3o(youtube video)
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