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Digital Scent Synthesizer

Transferring smells through the internet may not be as far-fetched as you think...

Mike W

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Digital Scent Synthesizer

Digital Smell Synthesizers Helping you smell through the internet iSmell Scent Delivery system Company has an extensive index of researched Smells
Each scent is coded and digitized into a small file
The file is then embedded into email or the internet
The user requests the smell
A small amount of the aroma is released by the device Steps It can create thousands of everyday scents from a 128 odor cartridge
These odors are mixed together to create realistic facimilies of natural and manmade scents
Will have to be replaced occasionally like a printer's cartridge SENX scent device Takes you one step further Steps 2 cartridges each with 20 chambers
Loaded into a printer-like device
Smells are imprinted onto a piece of paper
Taste can also be experienced by licking the paper
Is already on sale for 269 dollars Because taste is closely associated with smell, this is a great idea
Can become an invaluable asset to marketing foo Potential Problems Would need strict licensing or restrictions for safety
It's not a necessity for most of us Future uses Can create "4D" movies and games
Possible applications in Vr
The Matrix is another step closer to reality Senx Smell Dome Technologically similar to the scent device
Also uses a 20-chamber cartridge
On sale now for just under 400 dollars
Refill cartridge is close to 50 dollars
Also features a developer's package (CD with developing software) for 900 dollars About the company Allegedly partnered with companies and organizations such as
Proctor and Gamble

The plan to develop not only olfactory systems but also smell and taste devices
Their mission statement is to "enchance mental impact for educators, students, businesses and consumers using digital mediums Is it a Gimmick? Has the potential to be either
Companies seem to be using it as a gimmick
But it has true, applicable potential Is it here to stay? Will likely disappear for a time, and perhaps it already did
However, the technology and the concept will definitely reemerge sometime in the future
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