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Syllabus overview

No description

Mike Douthat

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Syllabus overview

Career Preparation
Syllabus overview
Purpose of the course
The purpose of this course is to enable students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to identify a broad range of career options and community resources and to develop work-related competencies.
Self determination and advocacy
Demonstrate self-awareness of personal abilities and disability and their impact on career planning and career choices.
Describe appropriate self-determination and self-advocacy strategies in a variety of community and workplace situations.

Career Planning
Describe the purpose and components of a personal career plan.
Identify own interests and aptitudes related to postsecondary education/training and employment.
Create a career plan focusing on postsecondary education/training and employment goals based on results of transition assessments.

workplace competencies
Describe decision-making and problem-solving processes used in workplace situations.
Identify competencies for employment in a variety of settings.
Identify health and safety requirements in various workplace settings.
Use communication skills (verbal, written, nonverbal) needed for success in the workplace.

Thank you, and lets have a great year!
Employability Skills
Demonstrate competencies to conduct a job search, including locating job openings using the newspaper, Internet, and networking with others.
Demonstrate competencies to apply for a job, including completing a generic job application (electronic or paper), creating a basic resume, and preparing responses to common questions in job interviews and pre-employment inventories.
Describe effective work habits and ethical behavior in the workplace.
Describe appropriate attire and personal care skills that meet demands of a variety of workplace situations.

Community Resources and Agencies Related to Careers
Identify community resources and agencies that assist with employment, such as the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Agency for Persons with Disabilities, and service providers.
Describe sources and features of public and private transportation in the community.

Rights, Benefits, and Responsibilities of Employment
Identify legal rights of persons with disabilities in the school, community, and workplace based on the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and child labor laws.
Identify benefits related to employment, such as health insurance, workers compensation, leave time, retirement options, and Social Security.
Identify financial concepts and requirements related to employment, such as wages, withholding taxes, and employment forms (W4, W2).

Career Exploration
Describe careers in a range of occupational clusters.
Describe career opportunities within each cluster, employment outlook, and postsecondary education/training requirements.

High school
One more thing:
A video about a dirty job
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