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CCRS and a Close Read

No description

Mary Kathryn Bishop

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of CCRS and a Close Read

CCRS and a Close Read
What is a Close Read?
Using short passages and excerpts
Diving right into the text with limited pre-reading activities
Focusing on the text itself
Rereading deliberately
Reading with a pencil
Noticing things that are confusing
Discussing the text with others (speaking standards)
Think-Pair Share or Turn and Talk frequently
Small groups and whole class
Responding to text-dependent questions (writing standards)
"Gettysburg Address"
CCRS standards?
locate the Literacy Standards for History
What CCRS standards are being taught?
How could you open this up to incorporate other standards?
What about technology standards?
How do we already use the standards?
Team up- Think, pair, share (5-10 minutes)
What are you doing already that implements the standards?
How can we take some of these ideas and apply them to our class?
Surf the web!
What are some resources we can use to get ideas about implementing CCRS?
DE and teachingchannel.org
Let's generate a list to share with your teachers.
20 minutes
1. Read Lincoln's Gettysburg Address silently.
This IS difficult!
It's OK to struggle and get frustrated-take a deep breath and go back for more!
Highlight/look up difficult words; write out any questions or confusions.
Practice makes perfect!

2. I will read the text out loud as you follow along.
3. Write a brief translation in your own words. 1-2 sentences.
paraphrase, don't summarize
No questions, just try!
There is no "wrong" so you're not going to get it wrong and we won't kick you out of school if you do!
4. Guided Discussion
In the first sentence, what does Lincoln tell us about this new nation?

What happened four score and seven years ago?

5. Rewrite your translation of Lincoln's first paragraph.
Vertical Teaming
Let's take this opportunity to get with our feeder patterns!
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