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Tweeting for professional purposes

A presentation given to an undergraduate translation class about how to use Twitter for professional reputation management.

Adrian Ebsary

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Tweeting for professional purposes

Tweeting for professional purposes
What is Twitter?
Microblogging (140 characters)
Each link or media file consumes 24 characters
23 characters for the link, 1 character for a space
Timeline is composed of all tweets sent
by all accounts you follow (but not for
much longer)
... with the exception of tweets that begin with a username
Who sees my replies on Twitter?
Amplification techniques: Auto-Retweeting
Amplification techniques: Manual-Retweeting
Amplification techniques: Modified-Retweeting
Amplification techniques: Favouriting
Aggregation techniques: Lists
Tweetiquette and... Tw-styling?
Text first, link second, hashtags and refs last
No more than two hashtags per tweet (otherwise, you are spam!)
Use a line return (Enter) before your link and hashtags instead of a space
Understand and use replies to prevent conversations from spamming your followers
Auto RT vs. Manual RT vs. Modified RT
Never use the Manual RT – this is data and engagement theft
Only use the Modified RT if you are adding substance and value, creating new content
Going Public
If your Twitter account is set to Private, you’re doing it wrong (Fear the screenshot and the manual RT)
Unless you’re famous, your bio should be for Search Engine Optimisation
Bio: Use keywords (not hashtags - waste of keywords!) that potential followers would be likely to search
Profile name: Your Full Name (otherwise you can't be searched for)
Looking good (superficially)
Size matters to some people
Anti-symmetry in follower:followees ratio matters more
How I gamed the system
Writing tweets like management material
Are you using social media as a form of self-therapy?
"...we find that emotional unstable individuals are more likely to post self-relevant information online and write about their emotions when doing so – a tendency not observed offline. Further, such emotional writing, paired with the potential to receive social support helps them repair well-being after negative experiences. These results shed light on a motivator for, and benefit of, online social networking, while also demonstrating how the social sharing of emotion can boost well-being."
Does engagement and feedback matter to you?
(What metrics concern you?)
Humour and sarcasm get Retweets, but consider risks
What is your personal brand?
Getting hired is like a (reversible) merger between your personal brand and the corporate brand
A more defined personal brand may limit (or increase) your employability in certain fields
Opinions do not exist in a vacuum – “views expressed are mine” is a flimsy shield
Maximize your overlap with the network you want to join
Find employees you want to work with before applying for a job and follow them
Retweet the boss you’d like to have
Start an intelligent conversation with future colleagues
Pepper your Twitter Timeline with content from professional associations and recognized experts in your field
“Rob got my attention by becoming a part of The Atlantic Tech's extended cast of writers and interlocutors. His network analysis was uncanny. One minute I've never heard of this kid, and the next minute, he's engaged in interesting, respectful conversation with half of my Internet friends.”
Create relevant lists of professionals in the areas you would like to work
Use the Favourite button as a soft-RT, to self-advertise to your target network
Twitter is the easiest social networking site to mine for data
Last 3,200 tweets are publicly accessible
Full archive you can download of everything you’ve ever tweeted
Even deleted tweets can be pulled by scraping software
You can buy 10,000 Tweet archives for less than $30 per month
Reputation Scoring
Long-term historical searches
Adrian J. Ebsary
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