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No description

Ally Coe

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Wordbuild

Word Build
Prefix + Root + Suffix = Word
Prefixes to Know
di/dis- not, apart, opposite of, absence of
para- beside, in addition to, along with, belong
auto- self
poly- many
bio- life
tele- far
e- out of, from
col- together, with; thoroughly
se- apart, away
Suffixes to Know
-ive - that which performs or serves to
-ion - result or outcome of an action or process
-ic - person or thing characterized by
-er - person or thing that does
-y - characterized by, full of
-ent - doing or behaving
-ure - act of, process, function
Don't forget! You can combine suffixes!
Also, remember, you MUST complete ALL THREE LEVELS of Word Build and turn them in by the due date. There WILL be an assessment.
"graph" and "lect"
"graph" means to chart
"lect" is to choose, read, gather, or take from. It can also be written as "leg," "lege," "legi," "lig"
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