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Why is Agroforestry Cool?

Because it turns lands productive.

Gyüdi Sándor

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Why is Agroforestry Cool?

Trees are useful for
all kinds of purposes. Why is agroforestry So Cool? is this land too dry to grow trees? Ehh... not really..... Some trees grow just a few hundred metres away! Niger, Tillabery, 2006. Fuel wood has a good local market
and cash comes handy when food is short. Trees provide shade and cooler air. Roots protect soil. Livestock feeds on fodder
from some species. Sites with agroforestry are
more productive than bare sites. Farmers maintain trees to make soil
more fertile for annual crops. What happens if you cut out all trees
from semi-arid land? Bare land is not very productive...
and can even be DANGEROUS! Niamey, August 2010:
After some rain the river Niger flooded. Farmers lost their crops... and their houses. A g r o f o r e s t r y because it makes land productive! is cool http://govga.org/carbon.html next> <preu http://govga.org/organize.html
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