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How Can Information You Post On The Internet Affect Your Future Opportunities?

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Evelith Navarrete

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of How Can Information You Post On The Internet Affect Your Future Opportunities?

Finally How Can Information You Post On The Internet Affect Your Future Opportunities? Posting inappropriate pictures, posts, comments, tweets, etc. can affect your future. Statistics about teens and Social Networking Many people have lost their jobs and students who applied to colleges have lost their opportunities to get accepted. Some students even lost their scholarships because of their inappropriate posts. You have to be careful what you post at all times. Don’t ruin your future by just one simple post. -73% of teens have social network pages.

-55% of teens have shared information with unknown people, including photos and personal descriptions.

-29% of teens have been stalked by strangers. -The average teen has up to 200 friends on facebook. But now there are teens that are ‘facebook famous’ and even have up to 20k-30k followers.

-29% have been publicly humiliated by pictures, posts, and sometimes their personal messages exposed on the internet. -67% of teens hide their social networking page from their parents because it isn’t their business.

-61% of parents #1 concern with teen social networking is sharing personal information Who checks your
social networking page? Employers check your profile page to see what you have. Sometimes professional athletes lose their career because coaches check your page or it is put out by many. One person can also share a picture or post that you have posted and make it popular and it will lead to serious consequences. Pros of Social Media Cons of Social Media -Students with access to the Internet report
that they use social networking sites to discuss educational topics -US college and university faculty use
social media;more use it for teaching; and for communicating with students. -Colleges and universities use Facebook to recruit students. -College administrators scan
Facebook profiles
for evidence of illegal
behavior by students. -Social media posts cannot be completely deleted and all information posted can have unintended consequences. -Potentially results in lost productivity. (Rozny, 2011) (Rozny, 2011) (Rozny, 2011) (Warren, 2011) (Warren, 2011) (Warren, 2011) Information that you post on the internet can affect you in a negative way. Coaches, employees, teachers, counselor can see everything you post online. This increases the possibility of anyone losing their job or a student losing their scholarship. They can all see your illegal behavior. Information can't be completely deleted from the internet. Be careful with what you post at all times.
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