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Robert Graves

Robert graves life and greatest work.

Scott Porritt

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Robert Graves

Begining End born in England on 24 July 1895 Father was English his mother a German aristocrat Died 7 December 1985 age 90, at Deià following a long illness and gradual mental degeneration Graves in the War Graves work Graves Best work When WW1 started graves immediatly took a commision in the Royal Welch Fusiliers.
He wrote his first work "Over the Braizers" and started being known for being a War Poet.
At the battle of the Somme he took shrapnel to the lung and legaly declared dead but he slowly recovered. Graves wrote many poems about the war and also about his friendships and relationships. He had two very popular novels. He also wrote a bio called "Lawrence and the Arabs" which lost him most of his friends. Graves also liked to transform greek myths into new stories and wrote stories about Jesus. The authors first book published when he was serving as a Subaltern in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers during the Great War was called "Over the Brazier." The Turkish Trench Dog

Night held me as I crawled and scrambled near
The Turkish lines. Above, the mocking stars
Silvered the curving parapet, and clear
Cloud-latticed beams o'erflecked the land with bars;
I, crouching, lay between
Tense-listening armies peering through the night,
Twin giants bound by tentacles unseen
Here in dim-shadowed light
I saw him, as a sudden movement turned
His eyes towards me, glowing eyes that burned
A moment ere his snuffling muzzle found
My trail; and then as serpents mesmerise
He chained me with those unrelenting eyes,
That muscle-sliding rhythm, knit and bound
In spare-limbed symmetry, those perfect jaws
And soft-approaching pitter-patter paws.
Nearer and nearer like a wolf he crept --
That moment had my swift revolver leapt --
But terror seized me, terror born of shame
Brought flooding revelation. For he came
As one who offers comradeship deserved,
An open ally of the human race,
And sniffling at my prostrate form unnerved
He licked my face!
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