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El Torito - Urlaub neu erleben! - ENG

No description

Kristian Kamplade

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of El Torito - Urlaub neu erleben! - ENG

"Extraordinary Destinations
The El Torito Philosophy
El Torito Destinations
Impressive Landscapes
Holiday Themes
Some key facts about El Torito
off the beaten Path"
We are a German tour operator for Luxurious Experience Travel off the beaten path
We deliver inspiring experiences in unknown destinations
We travel in small groups on pre-arranged itineraries
We are member of the prestigious German Travel Asociación "Deutscher Reiseverband"
"A combination of excellence and uniqueness"
Unusual and different accomodation
Exclusive and thrilling activities
Cala Grande Hotel & Spa 4*
"Winner Certificate of Excellence - Tripadvisor 2012"
Pousada Dona Urraca 4*
"Winner Certificate of Excellence - Tripadvisor 2012"
Las Negras, Cabo de Gata Nationalpark
Almeria, Spain
Fermoselle, Arribes del Duero Nationalpark
Zamora, Spain
Alqueria de Mamoles
Fermoselle, Arribes del Duero Nationalpark
Zamora, Spain
Arribes del Duero
Sierra de Madrid
opening 2013
Cabo de Gata Nationalpark
opening 2014
Wine tasting session
Fermoselle, Spain
Speedboat Trip
Cabo de Gata, Almeria
Sea Kajaking
Secret beaches
Los Genoveses Beach
Cabo de Gata Nationalpark
Hidden places
Gold Mines of Rodalquilar
Cabo de Gata Nationalpark
Natural Wonders
Desert of Tabernas
Amazing contrasts
Sierra Alhamilla
Almeria, Spain
Unknown Canyons
Arribes del Duero Nationalpark
Zamora, Spain
Movie Locations
Fort Bravo
Almeria, Spain
Almeria, Spain
Experience & Lifestyle
"Daily activities that let you discover a destination from a different point of view"
Hike & Bike
"Stunning Trails through an amazing scenery discovering a destination with a local guide"
Gourmet & Wine
"Wine tours and culinary adventures"
Ordinary Vacations
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