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Twiddla: Collaborative Online Whiteboard

Explore Visual Collaboration in Online Whiteboards

Briana Keith

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Twiddla: Collaborative Online Whiteboard

Applications of Twiddla in
your classes and meetings
Getting Started with Twiddla
Twiddla: Collaborative Online Whiteboard
Twiddla as a valuable teaching tool
Go to www.twiddla.com
Click the Go Button to start a meeting
Explore Visual Collaboration in Online Whiteboards
1. What is Twiddla?
2. Twiddla as a valuable teaching
3. Applications of Twiddla in your classes and meetings
4. Getting Started with Twiddla
Twiddla is an online whiteboard that lets you collaborate in real-time with others

What is Twiddla?
And It's Free!!!
Briana Taylor
Instructional Technologist
March 2013
Collaborative Online Whiteboards
No Set Up
No Sign Up
No Plugins
No Downloads
"Research indications that when students collaborate with one another they...
Improve & Promote
Enhance Skills
Engage in more discussion, problem solving, and critical thinking
Learn the subject matter more completley
Have a more positive experience
Retain information longer"
from http://www.wpi.edu/Academics/ATC/Collaboratory/Idea/collaboration.html
image from http://www.dynamicflight.com/avcfibook/learning_process/
image from http://reflectionsofmyteaching.blogspot.com/2012/04/l2l-teamwork-from-pe-to-mfl-to.html
The Learning Pyramid
management skills
communication skills
social interaction skills
higher thinking
diversity understanding
from 44 Benefits of Collaborative Learning http://www.gdrc.org/kmgmt/c-learn/44.html
Web & Resource Analysis
Peer Review
Mind Maps and Concept Maps
Group Activities
ABCD Group Roles
A = Presenter is going to click invite and email the other group members to join his or her whiteboard and organize/summarize ideas to present to the class

B = Whiteboard Leader is going to ensure that everyone participates on the whiteboard

C = Chat Leader is going to use the chat to lead the group discussion and ensure that everyone participates in the chat

D = Timekeeper is going to keep the group on task and track time
Directions: Using Twiddla with your group, brainstorm ideas on how Twiddla can be used in both the classroom and the office.
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