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Corporate Social Responsibility & L'Oreal

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Mimi Roy

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Corporate Social Responsibility & L'Oreal

Corporate Social Responsibility & L'Oreal
By: Mariah, Shannon, Tara, & Mimi
What is Corporate Social Responsibility?
Background on L'Oreal
-The L’Oréal Paris Brand is a branch of L’Oréal Canada Inc. but it is a global cosmetic company.

-Focuses on four categories of products: haircolour, cosmetics, haircare, and skincare

-originating from Paris, France

-originally founded in 1909
CSR Activities
CSR are the efforts made by a company to oversee and ensure a company's success in its environment and well-being.
L'Oreal Communication Tactics
L'Oreal CSR
Brand and CSR
-L'oreal connects their brand of beauty and innovation well with their CSR efforts; but, they do not incorporate this into external branding very well

-their website has plenty of information but their social media, spokespeople, and product line doesn't highlight these efforts enough

-their CSR efforts were unknown to us as consumers prior to this project

Was unaware of such CSR efforts

Although unaware their CSR efforts are well established and have potential

Smart to invest in long term as opposed to short term (their plans to reach sustainability for 2020)

They are diverse with their efforts: working with environment, career opportunities, and creating a positive experience with customers/share holders

Summary: Although the connection between their brand and their CSR efforts are lacking does not mean that they lack in their efforts for CSR
-PR does reflect CSR efforts but minimally

-press releases, media coverage, and social media talk more about
financial progress and product release

-some press coverage regarding
-carbon footprint reduction
-celebrating women in science
-international studies and diversity

-PR could take more action to create better brand recognition that ties into L'Oreal's CSR efforts.
L'Oreal Employees CSR Involvement
Health Care
Health care is essential to everyone around the world, a company who can provide that to employees is important. It is also vital that they see the importance of providing health care.
Social Protection
- Social Protection; preventing, managing and overcoming situations that adversely impact people’s well-being.
- Ensuring that any employee is trained properly for their role regardless of their place in the company or world.
Thank You
- Providing these services to employees of the corporation is something many companies that outsource their work to other countries.
- They are participating in CSR with employees as well through striving to provide health care, social protection, and training to all employees; anywhere in the world.
- L’Oreal believes in integrating sustainable business developments into their business model to encourage sustainable, responsible and shared growth.
Career Development
-By 2020 support over 100,000 people in underprivileged communities find access to work
L'oreal utilizes its webpage to communicate the following CSR commitments:
Press Releases
Multiple Facebook pages (ex.L'oreal Paris, L'oreal corporate)are present on Instagram and Twitter


L'Oreal is taking big steps to
reduce their evnriomental footprint
In their Saint-Ouen Research Centre they have taken steps by
- Using solar panels to heat water
- Collecting rainwater to water their greens
-Use of local or organic food in their personal restaurant.

By year 2020, 100% of the products will be sourced by renewable raw materials and raw material devired by Green Chemistry.

Being the world leader in beauty and represted in 130 countries
L’Oreal creates and develops cosmetic products adaptable to their diverse consumers.
In 2003 L’Oreal opened a research center dedicated to the ethnicity of skin and hair types from all around the world.

Composed of volunteer employees and management reps, L’Oreal created their ‘Diversity Observatories” The purpose of this to foster their respect for diversity and to roll out their actions. They create online communities to share all these initiatives.

community Service

L'Oréal and UNESCO Hairdressers Against AIDS
A joint initiative to raise awareness about HIV worldwide.

Look Good, Feel Better
L'Oréal is a founding member of the beauty industry's charity to help women combat the visible side-effects of their cancer treatment.

Employee Outreach
Our people are encouraged to take an active part in our community. Each employee has a volunteer day to use to support a charity of their choice, and we run a matched giving scheme.

Every year, L'Oréal runs Citizen Day when employees worldwide take time out of the office to support local charities.

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