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Tohru Honda

No description

Emma Terrell

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of Tohru Honda

Sixteen old Boy
Cursed with the rat
Ayame is Yuki's older brother
Attractive, reserved, and accomplished
Yuki has many admirers
When Yuki was young his mom gave control of him to Akito Sohma, head of the Sohma family
Akito convinced Yuki that no one liked him and kept him away from the other zodiac
Yuki has low self asteem
Known as "Prince Charming" or "Prince Yuki"
Yuki despises Kyo
Yuki Sohma
Tohru is a 16 year old orphaned girl in high school
Lives with Shigure, Kyo, and Yuki
Cleans and cook
Has an after school job as an office janitor
Tohru is selfless, kind, optimistic, and polite
Speaks formally but not always correctly
Tohru's mom raised her alone until she died
Tohru wants to free the Sohmas' from there curse of the chinese zodiac
Has a bond with Yuki but mostly Kyo
Tohru Honda
Age 27
He writes books
Best friends with Ayame and Hatori
Him and Ayame pretend to be lovers
Dirty-minded, lazy, and a problem child
He admits to Hatori that he is using Tohru as a "pawn"
Loves Akito
Shigure Sohma
Age 15
Father is Japanese and Mother is German
Cute and cheerful
Older than he looks
Hides the sad part of his family
Lives alone and was raised by servants
Momiji's mom learned about the curse when she first held him
His mom had her memory of that erased
Momiji has a little sister that doesn't know him
Momiji Sohma
Age 27
Yuki's older brother
Self-confident and self-centered
Annoys Kyo and Yuki who often hurt his feelings
Owns a shop named after himself and sells custom made "romantic costumes"
Hatori is the only one who can control Ayame's worst behavior
Ignored Yuki when he was younger and even forgot his name
Want to gain Yuki's love
Ayame Sohma
Age 16
Cursed by the cat
Short-tempered and charismatic
Kyo wants to destroy Yuki
competitive and can be easily manipulated
Dedicated his life to destroy Yuki
Kyo's mom died when he was little
Kyo's dad rejects him
Kazuma Sohma took care of Kyo
Has a bond with Tohru
Kyo Sohma
Age 16
Can sense peoples "waves"
Friends with Tohru
Perceptive and polite
Almost killed a boy when she was little with her power and constantly blames herself
Protective of Tohru
Tohru was the first person to accept her when she started going to Tohrus school
Torus acceptance helped Saki control her powers
Wears black to show her guilt

Saki Hanajima
Age 15
Cow or Ox
Is said to have a Yin and Yang personality
He is calm unless you push him too far then he becomes enraged
He is somewhat stupid
Blamed Yuki for his stupidity when he was a child
No he cares for Kisa and Yuki very Much

Hatsuharu Sohma
Tohru's father
Appears only in flashbacks
Speaks formally to distance himself from the world
Tohru speaks formally because of him
He was 21 and Kyoko was 13 when they fell in love
Died of pneumonia on a business trip when Tohru was three
Katsuya Honda
Fruits Basket
By: Natsuki Takaya

Tohru's mother
Appearing in only flashbacks and photos
When Kyoko was in middle school she was the leader of a gang called the Red Butterfly Suicide Squad
Ignored and rejected by her parents
Fell in love with a student teacher named Katsuya Honda
They got married when Kyoko left middle school
Almost killed her self when Katsuya died but remembered that she had a three yer old daughter who needed her
Kyoko raised Tohru to believe that everyone needs to feel needed
Was killed in a car accident a couple months before the series started
Kyoko Honda
Age 12
Cute, shy, and withdrawn
Classmates tease her because of the color of her hair and eyes do to the curse
Stops talking and runs away from home
Hatsuharu finds her
She sees Hatsuharu as an older brother figure
Tohru understands her pain and helps Kisa
Kisa calls Tohru "onee-chan" meaning big sister
Kisa Sohma
Head of the Sohma family
Is thought to be a man but everyone soon finds out that she's a woman
Gets sick easily
Short-tempered and abusive
Has scarred many Sohmas
Says she's the master of the cursed Sohma's souls
Not possessed by the zodiac
Akito is determined to prove to her mom that Akito is the masters of their souls
She comes to hate Tohru most of all
Akito Sohma
Age 18
Girlish young woman who is strong and impulsive
Insists she's engaged with Kyo and often beats him up
She was the first one to play with Kyo because of his zodiac
Threatened him into proposing when she was 7 and he was 5
Only female zodiac who was not hurt by Akito
Kagura Sohma
Age 27
Dragon but is shown as a seahorse
Responsible for erasing the memories of outsiders who discover the Sohma's curse
Family doctor
He is very serious
Was engaged two years before manga started but had to end it because of Akito
Hatori Sohma
Age 16
Former gang member
One of Tohru's closest friends
tough, bash, and sometimes violent
Speaks like a man
Competitive with Kyo
Her father was an alcoholic
Her mother left for another man wen she was little
Works multiple part time jobs
Torhu and her mom helped Arisa
Meets Kureno Sohma but doesn't know he's a Sohma
Falls in love with him
Arisa Uotani
Fruits Basket is a fantastic manga series involving many different characters. It is about a family who has been cursed with the chinese zodiac. Whenever someone with the curse gets hugged from someone who is both opposite sex and not part of the curse they turn into their zodiac. When Tohru Honda, a sixteen year old orphan, starts to live with Shigure, Yuki, and Kyo she is determined to put an end to the curse.
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