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Teen Wolf and Mythology

No description

Lauren Valdez

on 28 July 2016

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Transcript of Teen Wolf and Mythology

and Celtic Lore

Celtic mythology is often brought up in terms of their symbols and through the werewolves themselves.
Mountain Ash
The Canaima
The Canaima is a South American Pemon Native Indian myth. It was originally a were-Jaguar: a man that can change into a Jaguar.
The Kanima
Teen Wolf's Season 2 villain. A were-snake creature.
a three pronged spiral that generally implies a spiritual or personal growth
Celtic Influence
Teen Wolf and Mythology
by Lauren Valdez
Was said to kill and punish murderers.
possessed people as an evil spirit.
Had a poisonous bite.
Later described as snake-like, like a anaconda
Killed and punished only murderers
Unknowingly and uncontrollably turned
Paralyzing venom
Described as a snake
Druids are ancient Celtic people who acted as priests. Little is known about them besides the fact that they are associated with many religious practices and some of what their rituals entailed. The show ecorporates many Druid rituals and beliefs
The werewolves use it as a symbol of pack and fluid hierarchy in the show.
Irish werewolf that is good-natured, and a guardian that watches over children, heals the wounded, and guides lost strangers to safety.
Werewolves in Teen Wolf have the ability to heal and to take away the pain of others. They are generally the good guys
Nemeton (a magical tree)
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