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Why speaking English is difficult for Thai people?

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pim pimm

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Why speaking English is difficult for Thai people?

Why speaking English is difficult for Thai people?
Thai’ s educate is a problem for Thai people to speak English
Wrong social value
Speaking English is show off
When someone speak another will think that show off. That is influenced of why thai people afraid to speak English. For example in the class room thai people often listen , don’t talk , don’t ask much but if someone talk or ask too much(speak English) another will dislike him/her and think that he/she act like smarter than anyone. So that is influenced thai people anti speaking English that make thai people can’t speak English.
English is not national language
Some of Thai people can speak English like native speaker but some of them think Why they have to speak English? Than they choose to don’t care about it. they think it is not important for them because they living in Thailand and thai people don’t use English in the real life. It is the same thing that happen in China and Japan.
Vocabulary knowledge or know less
- Vocabulary knowledge or know less ?
- Grammar good but useless
Teaching in Thailand mainly to surf the terminology to be used over the use of everyday waste. Some people still do not know the terminology about vegetables - fruits called anything but to know about science vocabulary over another. For this reason , most people make Thailand did not dare to speak English because they think they know English , but who really knows what does not apply.
Grammar good but useless
Most thai people learn English to take the exam. It is not to put to practical use so It's really the lack of opportunity to use English in everyday life when students meet foreigner they can’t speak because they are not sure and adhere to grammar too much. When time to speak English they think two system is , After they had though the process in thai language ,they had though in English language. For this reason why thai people still have hesitated.
The two children start to learn English without ever going abroad. First person is learn grammar only , notes and wait for orders from the instructors but second person is study by listening, reading and daring to talk to foreign teachers. She can learns , practices on your own or in the classroom ,and from the media such as movies, music, magazines and so on. When compare between first and second person ,have an opinion second person who can speak better because she learn by listening ,speaking and reading.
Thai language is a tonal language we don’t have stress and accent like English. Teacher will teach English in thai accent. Sometime thai accent is hard to understand for foreigner who don’t use English is the first language. For example “comfortable”
You compare yourself which thousands of vocabulary words with children. aged about 6-7 years old, who do you think is more common vocabulary? So , the vocabulary may not be significant obstacles to make you talk.
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