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The Elizabeth Fry Society & The John Howard Society

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Areeb Ashar

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of The Elizabeth Fry Society & The John Howard Society

The Elizabeth Fry Society & The John Howard Society
The Elizabeth Fry Society
For example...
One example for the Elizabeth Fry Society at work could simply be the following. This has happened fairly recently.
Nicole Patricia Ryan was arrested by the RCMP after she had tried to hire a Undercover Police Officer as a Hit-man (any person who is bribed, or hired to kill some specific individual), to kill her husband. There, the society went into action. The RCMP were criticized, for not being able to protect Ryan from the abusive husband.
What is The John Howard Society
The John Howard society is very similar to The Elizabeth Fry Society, except this group helps all youth and children, and adults. Unlike the Elizabeth Fry Society, this organization help both men and women. The society is still a non-profit organization though. This organization is named after John Howard, who was a philanthropist and an early prison reformer.
What is The Elizabeth Fry Society
The Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies is a group that focuses on issues pertaining to women. The group works on the problems that affect girls in the justice system. Established in 1969, the organization is based as a non-profit organization. The society receives their name from Elizabeth Fry, a prison reformer. A prison reformer is a person who tries to improve the condition inside a prison.The original Elizabeth Fry Society of Canada, was initiated in 1939, By Agnes Macphail, who was a MP.
The John Howard Society was created in 1867, by a church group who focused on giving spiritual care to prisoners in a prison located in Toronto. Then, in 1874, the group became know around the area as the Prisoners Aid Association of Toronto. Unfortunately, World War I had immense effects on the church group and thier interst toward helping had decreased.
Brought to you by: Areeb Ashar
For more information on the case, please refer to:
The John Howard Society
CASE NO. 34272
DATE. 2013-01-18
CASE NAME: R. v. Ryan
COURT BRANCH: Supreme Court Judgments
"The John Howard Society fills an important role in public education, community service and in pressing for reform in the criminal justice area "
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