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Tomaz Strojnik

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

City of Los Angeles
Mayor's Office of International Trade

What Sets L.A. Apart
The Five Factors that Make the City Successful
What Success Looks Like
Worlds busiest origin and destination airport (LAX)
Busiest port in the nation (8.1 million TEUs)
$861 Billion Economy
$403 Billion in Trade comes through Port of L.A. and L.B.
Largest manufacturing sector in the U.S.
Leader in aerospace, clean technology, entertainment, fashion, healthcare, and tourism
1. Access to Global Markets
Large and growing local consumer market
Quick access to northern California and southwestern U.S.
Excellent access to U.S. and international markets
Model for regional export plans around the country
2. World Class Infrastructure
Well-established ground and mass transportation
Unrivaled access to international destinations
Continuous expansion projects that total more than $1 million per day
3. A Global Hub of Innovation and Research Expertise
Major think thinks , universities and research labs
Worldwide center for cleantech research and development
Silicon Beach and thriving technology firms
4. Creative Capital of the World
Heart of Hollywood and world-famous film and entertainment
"Designed and Made in Los Angeles" design and fashion Apparel in Manufacturing
Some of the world sports and champions and award-winning artists
5. Access to Workforce
Large and diversified labor pool
Talented and well educated professional
Government-funded training programs
General Information
Service oriented economy

3.88 million employed (26 percent of California jobs)

Over $200 Billion in payroll

Wide range of established industries:
Aerospace, entertainment, consumer products, tourism, etc.
Industry Types
Local Clusters
Provide goods and services to the population in the region
Employment is proportional to overall economic activity in region
Provide majority of the jobs (55 percent)
Industry Output
Total output of all industries is $855 billion

Traded Clusters
Provide wealth creation through exports
Second greatest source of employment (28 percent)
Largest cluster is Trade (177,000 workers)
Industry Cluster Overlook
Real Estate
Professional and Technical Services
Wholesale Trade
Food Services and Drinking Place
Large crew base

Several film schools in Southern California
UCLA, USC, American Film Institute, American Film Institute

"Look alike location"

Six major studios produce films and TV series
Fox, NBC Universal, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Walt Disney, and Warner Bros.

Employ 73 percent of state workforce
Local Assets
Los Angeles is the Entertainment Capital of the World
2010 Total Revenue Worldwide

$30 billion

Clean Technology
Producer of the most Engineers and most Patents in the country !
One of the top cities in clean technology growth, and in clean electricity and carbon management

Have reduced truck emissions by 80 percent in two years

On our way to eliminate coal power by 2020

Most green jobs in the nation (178,500)

Is the fastest growing sector in the city's economy for over 15 years

Largest market for solar and EV's in the country
Information Technology
Information tech hot spot!
Home to Silicon Beach

Fastest growth in tech start-ups
Over 500 in several years

Attracted investments form Google and Creative Artists Agency.

Home to Viddy, Mogreet, BeachMint, ShoeDazzle, JibJab, eHow, Hulu, and TrueCar

Local university grads prefer to stay in the city rather than Silicon Valley

"We're helping the second-largest city in the United States become a veritable tech center"--Google
"Want 300 days of sun a year? Forget the Valley..."--Google
#1 Container Port in the U.S
8.1 Million
Cargo Value
-$283.6 billion

Warehouse/distribution space
-1.2 Billion sq-ft

10,000 EPA compliant Trucks

Total Capital Improvement Projects
-$1.3 Billion
Programs and Services
Foreign Trade Zone- FTZ 202
- 5,700 acres
- 20 general purpose sites
- 4 subzones (Wilmintong, Northridge, Carson, and El Segundo)

Security Programs
- Port grants awarded total $88.9 million
- Port Wide Surveillance Camera System
- Port Wide Fiber Optic Network

Trade Connect
- Workshop series helping small and medium size enterprises on exporting
-in collaboration with: Dept. of Commerce, Exlm Bank, SBA, CITD, LAWA and MBOC
World Airports
- 6th in world
- 3rd in the U.S

60 million

650 daily flights to 96 domestic and foreign cities

910 weekly nonstop flights to 59 cities in 30 countries
- 14th in world
- 5th in U.S.

19 million tons
of air cargo valued at $86.9 Billion

aircraft operations
New Tom Bradley International Airport
-$1.6 Billion

Holds 18 new gates
-Can accommodate Airbus A-380

150,000 sq-ft pavilion

60 dining and luxury retail shops
City of Los Angles
Mayor Eric Garcetti
Office of International Trade

Stephen Cheung
International Trade Director
Top 6 Industries
Top Research Metropolitan Area
- 2 of top 10 universities around the world that produce patents are located in Southern California

- Over 120 degree-awarding schools in:
Nanotechnology, advanced materials, biofuels, energy efficiency, energy storage, fuel cells and transportation

-World-Class research universities with most graduates in the world
UCLA, USC, Caltech

- One of the top metropolitan areas in receiving venture capital investments

Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator
Offer office space
CEO coaching and mentoring
Access to experts and capital

Supports 16 companies in the Cleantech Corridor
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