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No description

Imagine Dragons

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of ggg

NBT: The Cheetah Girls Judges House Week 7 Week 3 Week 4 Wake up I Just Want You To Know Who I Am Just Dance/Bad Romance Party In The USA Down Week 5 Week 6 Gives You Hell Week 2 Mad Week 8 Meet Halfway Week 9 Chasing Pavements Week 10 Mercy Week 11 You Belong With Me/Love Story Week 12 Fire Burning (Jessies Girl) Week 13 You Found Me (21 Guns) Week 14 Baby one more time (The Climb) Week 15 Bubbly (Rehab) Week 16 Disturbia (We Didn't Start The Fire) Week 17 I want to hold your hand (Hey there delilah) Week 18 So What (Chasing Cars) Week 19 I kissed a girl (Paralyzer) Week 20 Pocketful of sunshine (Lean on me) Week 21 Before he cheats (This Love) Week 22 Complicated (Toxic) Week 23 The sweet escape (Isnt she lovely/superstisious) Since You Been Gone (I gotta feeling) Week 25 SEMI FINALS Goodbye (Free Falling) Double Finals! Fighter ( I wanna dance with somebody) Finals Good Life
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