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The Mammon and The Archer Storyboard

No description

carson shepherd

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of The Mammon and The Archer Storyboard

The Mammon and The Archer Storyboard
The story takes place in Present Day, New York. I picked this spot because New York is romantic, and is known for its *spoiler alert* traffic jams. The first characters that are introduced are Anthony and Richard Rockwell, and Miss Lantry. Lastly, the conflict is Man vs Society (Richard vs Miss Lantry's busy schedule).
Rising Action
Richard talks to Anthony about how money can't do everything, like free up Miss Lantry's schedule so he has enough time to propose to her before she leaves for a trip.
Rising Action
Then, Richard's Aunt gives him a wedding ring to give to Miss Lantry.
Rising Action
Lastly, he meets up with Miss Lantry to go to the theater before she leaves. But on the way there, they get stuck in a traffic jam!
Utilizing the time at hand, Richard proposes, and she says yes!
Falling Action
After hearing the news, Richard's Aunt runs to tell Anthony.
Falling Action
Anthony, acting awfully smug, ignores her and acts like it's not that big of a deal.
Falling Action
A man comes to accept some payment from Anthony. It turns out that Anthony payed the man to cause the traffic jam!
No one knows about the deal but anthony and the boy. That's good, right?
Money can help love, but can never make it truly happen.
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