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Much Ado About Nothing - Plot Overview

No description

Miriam Frieden

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Much Ado About Nothing - Plot Overview

Plot Overview (Keep in mind...) Exposition Rising Action - 1 and 2 Rising Action - 3 and 4 Now you get to analyze it!
You're welcome! This is a plot OVERVIEW, not analysis! We're barely
scratching the surface of this great play! The people of MESSINA are overjoyed to
welcome the soldiers, who are visiting the
town. LEONATO is great friends with DON PEDRO,
so he invites them all to stay for awhile. RA 1: CLAUDIO and HERO fall in love.
Don Pedro helps Claudio receive Leonato's
blessing to marry Hero.

RA 2: DON JOHN hates DON PEDRO and all of
Don Pedro's friends, so he (Don John)
attempts to sabotage Hero and Claudio's
relationship. His plan doesn't work. RA 3: DON PEDRO, CLAUDIO, and LEONATO trick BENEDICK into believing that BEATRICE loves him. HERO and URSULA trick Beatrice into believing that BENEDICK loves her. The two have always "hated" each other.

RA 4: DON JOHN makes Claudio, Don Pedro, and Benedick believe that Hero is cheating the night before her wedding. (It's really BORACHIO and MARGARET.) The End!! Much Ado About Nothing Rising Action - 5 and 6
RA 5: On the day of Claudio and Hero's wedding, he accuses her of INFIDELITY and declares that he will never marry her. The Friar, Leonato, Beatrice, Benedick, and Hero decide to enact a plan in which Hero will play DEAD, in order to make Claudio feel guilty.

RA 6: Beatrice and Benedick declare their love for each other. Beatrice asks Benedick to FIGHT Claudio for her (because he insulted Hero). Meanwhile, Dogberry and the Watch have apprehended and interrogated Borachio and Conrade, who have confessed to DON JOHN'S plan. Dogberry makes Borachio CONFESS to Leonato. Rising Action - 7
RA 7: In part two of the Friar's plan, Leonato informs Claudio that he will be forgiven for "causing Hero's death" if he marries her COUSIN, who "looks exactly like her." Climax
Claudio marries Hero's "cousin." Once the wedding is official, she reveals herself to be...HERO! Falling Action
Beatrice and Benedick pretend to hate each other again, but Claudio and Hero show them the LOVE poetry they've written for each other. They get married and there is much rejoicing. Resolution
Some of Don Pedro's soldiers apprehend DON JOHN (who ran away right after destroying Claudio and Hero's relationship). Benedick convinces Don Pedro to leave Don John's torture for the next day, because everyone is still joyfully celebrating the two weddings.
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