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Components of a Modern Marketing Information System

No description

JP Bolotaolo

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Components of a Modern Marketing Information System

Components of a Modern Marketing Information System
Internal Records
These records provide current information about sales, costs, inventories, cash flows and account receivable and payable.
Marketing Intelligence
It collects information from external sources. It provides information about current marketing-environment and changing conditions in the market. This information can be easily gathered from external sources like; magazines, trade journals, commercial press, so on.
Marketing Research
MR is conducted to solve specific marketing problems of the company. It collects data about the problem. This data is tabulated, analyzed and conclusions are drawn. Then the recommendations are given for solving the problem.
Marketing Decision Support System
These are the tools which help the marketing managers to analyze data and to take better marketing decisions. They include hardware, i.e. computer and software programs. Computer helps the marketing manager to analyze the marketing information.
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