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Equal Opps

No description

Calleigh-Marie Lawrence

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Equal Opps

Equal Opportunities & Diversity
Harassment by a third party
Discrimination by perception
Protected Characteristics
Must be a UK passport holder
Mature person wanted
Policemen in London needed
Must be eligible to work in UK
Person who can demonstrate maturity
Police officer needed
We can't accommodate wheelchairs
Access is limited
Statement of Intent
1. Staff and volunteers experience fairness and equality of treatment in their work with the Charity
2. Service users receive fair and equal access to the Charity's service
3. Staff, volunteers and service users and other stakeholders are with dignity and respect
Diversity in the workplace is valued.
Agency workers
Service users
Service Provision
Employment & Volunteering
Recruitment and Selection
Induction, training and development
Bullying, Harassment & grievances
Your role...
Personal responsibility at all levels
Should not practice or encourage
Managers -
Make law and policy clear to employees, workers & volunteers
Ensure complaints and grievances dealt with fairly
Volunteers & Trustees
Key part of Human Resource
Policy accessible
Service Users
Applicants & Donors
All current and formal Civil Servants
Widely promoted without discrimination
Information is clear and concise
Each service user treated equally
Staff Handbook
Equal Opportunities & Diversity
Code of conduct
Harassment and Bullying
Grievance procedures
"Some of my best friends are..."
"I don't think of you as..."
"It was only a joke, lighten up..."
"You speak the language well"
Common Mistakes
Calling girls "honey" or "babe" etc
"That's so retarded"
"What do 'your' people think?"
"I don't see colour"
"I would never have known you were..."
"But you're different from the rest"
"People with disabilities are so brave"
3 women &
a Kevin
"You know the ___ from upstairs"
"Why should they get special treatment? We're in England - celebrate Christmas!"
"Team meeting is down the pub today"
"Dave will be going to Dubai. Presumed you couldn't because of the children"
"She's young, free and single but I have never heard of talk of a man..."
"Nandos for lunch everyone?"
All of us do not have equal talent but all of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talents
John F. Kennedy (1963)
Equality is usually defined as that general feeling of making everyone, irrespective of where they came from, feels like we are all the same
Diversity: the act of
thinking independently
Malcolm Forbes.
Diversity is recognising and encouraging difference.
"Introducing iPads will drive him into early retirement. He'll not know what to do... "
Equality Law 2010
St Margret's Children & Family
The Women's Institute
Race for Life - Cancer Research UK
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