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APA: The Basics

1. Click the FULL SCREEN icon in the lower right corner. 2. Click the PLAY symbol on the bottom left-hand corner of the Prezi to start. 3. Click URLs listed in the Prezi to follow them to the Writing Center website.

Sara Beam

on 12 June 2017

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Transcript of APA: The Basics

APA: The Basics
What Is APA?
APA stands for American Psychological Association

APA Style refers to standard formatting and documentation (or citation and reference note) practices

APA Style is used in the fields of Psychology, Nursing, Communications, and more

Cover Page with the paper title, your first and last name, and your university name centered, and the words Running Head: with PARTIAL TITLE IN ALL CAPS and the page number in the top margin

Page numbers in the top right margin of every page

PARTIAL TITLE IN ALL CAPS on top left margin over every page

Headers used in text

Visual aids, e.g. tables, allowed

Documentation: Parenthetical (in-text)
All information and wording from other texts must be documented

Usually just two elements: name and year (separated by comma)

Two ways to present parenthetical citations:
1. Robinson (2014) reported...
2. Research found that ... (Robinson, 2014).

Remember to include p. and page numbers
in citation when quoting

Paraphrases preferred
Documentation: References page
Labeled References at top of page

Usually 5 main elements, though these differ depending on type of source:
1. Name (Last name and first initial)
2. Year (in parentheses)
3. Title (Capitalize only first word of books and articles)
4. City, State abbreviation
5. Publisher

Use hanging indent and double space all lines
Email your Writing Center for help
Dr. Sara Beam
Follow the link above to find an APA template, citation guides, and examples
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