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Food Allergies In Children

No description

jamilah penland

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Food Allergies In Children

Thesis Statement
The Reason i Chose this Topic because it interest me. I don't know anyone with this disease so i thought this would be a good way to learn more about it.
Points Of Curiosity
How Is Food Allergy Diagnosed
What Is A Treatment For Food Allergy
How Do Allergic Reaction To Food Occur
What Are The Most Common Food Allergy
Do Infants and Children Have Problem With Food Allergy
Pattern Of My Paper
The percentage of U.S children with Food allergies (2000-2011)
The percentage of U.S children with common allergies (2010)
Food Allergies In Children
Jamilah Penland
Medical Assistanting/Senior Seminar

What happen when diagnosed
Risk Factors
Signs and Symptoms
My complications while doing my research was finding the accurate statistics while trying to create my graph for my project.
Some surprises while doing my research was there are many different types of food allergy.
Children are being affected at higher rates due to food allergies.
Adults are being affected by food allergies more, rather than children because children usually outgrow their allergy. Adults usually has allergies for life.
Final Thesis
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