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No description

Giuliana Giuliana

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of Music

What is Music??
Music is pretty much sound the can be very catchy or very boring. There is rap, hip hop, pop, classic and many more.
About the music video
Rosanna's song
Rosanna (or Ro) has also made her own song. It is called Perfect Together. She has a show called Nerdy Nummies. She (sometimes she does challenges) does baking on her channel so her song was about baking.
So that is what music is.It can make you feel a certain way, like happy, sad e.t.c. I hope you likes my Prezi!! Bye!!
My favorite song
My favorite song is Dessert by Dawin ft. Silento
By Giuls
The music video is very funny. It starts off with Dawin driving in a doughnut van. During the video a very popular you tuber call Rosanna Pansino comes in
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