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Introduction to Linear Algebra and MTH 227

Startup presentation to orient MTH 227 students with the subject and the course.

Robert Talbert

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Linear Algebra and MTH 227

Linear systems Matrices Linear transformations Eigenvectors What's the smallest amount of traffic that can flow from C to A without causing a traffic backup? A B C How does Netflix know which
movies I might like? What will happen to traffic on 68th Street if we put a new traffic light in front of Allendale High School? Is there a space on a Monopoly game board that players tend to land on more than any others? Linear Algebra Does a solution to this system exist?
If a solution exists, how many are there?
If there is just one, what is it?
If there are more than one, what do they all have in common? are represented
and solved using represent have "fixed points"
known as At least one pixel in the "after" image
is in the same basic position as in the
"before" image. Which one? MTH 227 Goals Workflow Professor Logistics Preparation: 5%
Participation: 5%
Daily Assignments: 15%
Application Project: 15%
Mid-Semester Exams: 2 @ 15% each
Final Exam: 20%
+ 10% "flex" credit Ph.D. Vanderbilt University
Applied algebra, cryptography, comptuational geometry, computer science
At GVSU since 2011
Twitter: @RobertTalbert
Google+: http://gplus.to/rtalbert
Casting Out Nines blog: http://chronicle.com/blognetwork/castingoutnines Office: MAK A-2-168
Hours: MW 11-12 and 3-4, TR 9-10 Harrison (4) Lucy (9) Penelope (7) Interesting -- Applicable -- Challenging -- Fun Technology you will need and use: Email and Blackboard Piazza discussion board
(See email/syllabus) Learning Catalytics and
personal web device Tablet (any OS;
includes tablet e-
readers like Kindle
Fire or Nook) Smartphone (any OS; needs
to have a web browser) Laptop (any OS) Your device must be able to access the campus wi-fi network using a web browser. Loaners are available if you do not have a device. Wolfram|Alpha and Mathematica See technology document for
Mathematica download/install
instructions http://www.wolframalpha.com Activate your student license at:
http://www.learningcatalytics.com Assignment for Wednesday
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