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tower bridge

No description

Ben waese-Perlman

on 7 June 2014

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Transcript of tower bridge

Tower Bridge
Fun Facts
When and why was it built?
How was it built?
It was built between 1886 - 1894, because of increased traffic crossing the river Thames. This was caused by commercial and residential growth in the east side of the city.
The bridge is 801 feet long, and 213 feet tall. It was built 137 feet above the Thames River. The Tower Bridge opened 119 years ago on June 30, 1964.
By Allison
By Quinn
By Sam
By Allison
Tower Bridge when it's raised
Tower bridge is often mistaken for London Bridge, because it is an iconic symbol of England
Tower Bridge then and now
The Tower Bridge is a bridge that crosses the Thames River in London, England. It is a combination of a bascule bridge and a suspension bridge.
Tower Bridge
The towers of the bridge are actually towers you can go inside of
Tower Bridge is the only bascule bridge on the Thames
Tower Bridge was painted red, white and blue (permanently) in 1977, as a part of the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebrations
In December 1952 a Double-Decker bus was going over the bridge when it started to rise because the bridge staff had made a mistake. Instead of slowing down the driver accelerated and cleared a three foot gap and landed 6 feet down on the other side which had not yet started to rise. He was then rewarded with ten pounds by the city, which today would be worth 243 pounds or 441 canadian dollars.
Two massive piers, containing over 70 000 tons of concrete,were put into the riverbed to support the construction. Over 11 000 tons of steel provided the framework for the towers and walkways.
Construction started in 1886 and took eight years with five major contractors and employed 432 construction workers.
Some Tower Bridge Construction
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