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No description

Chris White

on 24 August 2010

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Transcript of Beyond

Target Market Teenagers aged between 14 and 16 (i) To disciple teenagers toward mission

(ii) To help teenagers engage critically with the Bible and their culture and form cross cultural awareness

(iii) to form part of the youth ministry of CMS Vic
Which also comprises youth camp and other events during the year GOALS -Stories of teenagers in mission locally and overseas
-Topical areas (eg in this one – Avatar) and critique
-Bible articles – teach, disciple
-Practical outcomes- what to do next Contains: Free magazine – goes out to our supporters free of charge

2 Issues per year At the moment our distribution

Youth mail-list
Church youth groups

Avenues to look further WHO DOES IT GO OUT TO? WHERE DO WE SEE BEYOND HEADING? 1. Churches
For use, along with other CMS youth resources
This happens but want to develop
DIY already – develop with DVD 2. Schools
Could it be used in a CRE/Christian studies context? This is something we’re asking
Develop, with lesson plan/other
Go out with chaplains/etc 3. Mission
Could it be used, along with guidelines for organizing a mission trip?
For use by Christian group at school, youth group or other WHAT ARE POSSIBLE AVENUES? WOULD THIS SUIT THE TEENAGERS YOU INTERACT WITH?

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