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A community meeting organized human rights.

No description

Gema Arjona

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of A community meeting organized human rights.

How can we improve?
Defending our way of seeing things.
Interpreting the reasons of others.
Recognizing and accepting the differences.
Our experience: Interschools meeting
First we make a class meeting.
After that, the conclusions of the meeting
are proposed in the school meeting.
The final opinions are exposed in a interschools meeting.
In the end the ideas are exposed in the different schools.
Our website
Does our high school have a democratic model?
The school has to educate children not only in maths, geography, etc, but also in democracy and participation.
Historically, in our community, representative democracy has been more used than direct democracy that is, we leave our representatives the responsability for decisions.
A community is a place where human rights must be present and respected.
As the school is a community, it is necessary to have the participation of all its members in order to work properly.
Participation is not only a right, it also requires a commitment.
Comenius project
Democracy at school: a very important thing.
An interschool meeting.
Hello our friends, we're Spanish
students of secondary education. We have travelled here to show you how democracy works in our high school.

Are we really concious of our democratic system
We asked our students...
And we gave them a questionnaire
We had the fantastic idea of creating a website in which the students can express their worries.
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