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Marnielle MDS The Philippine Warship

No description

Mr. Stack

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of Marnielle MDS The Philippine Warship

The Philippine Army
This is the Philippine
This is a picture of a Philippine Warship right now.
The Philippine Warship
Balangays and Vintas are nice small boats. But the Philippine Warships are biger!
The very old Philippine Warships looked kind of like Reed Boats. Just bigger. The Philippine Warship is wider too.
this is a Reed Boat.
Reed Boats
and old Philippine
Giant Philippine Warships
Read all about the Philippine Warship!
Thank You!
Balangays and Vintas
Big and Ancient
This is a big and ancient Philippine Warship.
Read all about the history!
Philippine Warship
This is a picture of Philippine Warship!
More Armies
This is another picture of a Philippine Army
More Facts About the Philippine Warship!
Ancient people from the Philippines built high-speed warships. They were called Kora-Kora.
In the 1960s, The Philippines was the best navy in Southeast Asia.
The Philippine Navy is shone in the Department of National Defense.
This ship is a ship from the Philippines.
The Philippine Army is big!
More About the Philippine Warship and the Reed Boat
The Philippine Warship long ago was much bigger than the Reed Boat. The Philippine Warship was made out of sticks jut like the Philippine Warship.
Long Ago
This is an ancient Philippine Warship.
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