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"Tuesday of the Other June" Elements of Literature: Plot

Analyzing the plot of "Tuesday of the Other June"

Nicole Korona

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of "Tuesday of the Other June" Elements of Literature: Plot

June T.

June T.'s mom

June M.

introduces the setting (time and place) and character(s), both major and minor
"Tuesday of the Other June" is set in a town and, more specifically, at the pool, in the classroom, and at June's house; time period is the present or modern day.




Rising Action
conflict(s) arise; distinct events that move the conflict toward the climax
June T. meets and June M. at swim class.
She is bullied by June M.
Tuesdays become "Awfulday," and June spends her time avoiding Tuesdays.
June T. moves, but soon realizes she now lives in June M.'s neighborhood and goes to June M.'s school.
the turning point; the height of action in the story
June T. stands up to June M. and says,
"No More!"
Falling Action
the aftermath of
the climax
June M.'s cheeks turn
and she steps away from June T. The classmates laugh at June M., and she retreats back to her seat.
the end of the story where all conflicts are resolved
June T., twirling her braid, knew this was the last Tuesday of the other June. Her bullying problems were over.

-Be brave enough to stand up to bullying.

-Never let anyone make you feel inferior.
The moral, lesson or topic.
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