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RipCharts Mobile App - Intro and User Guide

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chris fullilove

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of RipCharts Mobile App - Intro and User Guide

Map Interface
Stretch or double tap map to zoom in
Pinch map to zoom out
Tap + drag to pan the map
Single tap for point information
°F/°C Temperature Value (SST maps)
Mobile App - Introduction and User Guide
Stand-alone App
for iOS and Android devices
Two modes available
Online -
Search, view, analyze, and download near realtime satellite maps from RipCharts

View, analyze, and navigate on maps that have already been saved to the device
Automatic Waypoint Synchronization

keeps waypoints synchronized between online and offline modes
High resolution
satellite maps with deep zoom capabilitites
Tap here
to see layer
*Android app shown here
Interact with the map using finger gestures
Layers Demo
*iOS app shown here
Spots Demo
True Color map, showing where the Mississippi River discharges into the Gulf of Mexico
Sea Temperature Map, showing the Eastern Australian Current off of Eastern Australia
Tap here
to see your
Tap icon to
show details
Distance Tool
Chlorophyll map of the Eastern US coast, showing where bluewater eddies are spinning off of the Gulf Stream
Tap here
to show the
tool options
Drag circles
to measure
Distance and
bearing are
Key Features
How To:
Save a map
1. Open a map
Saving a map to your device allows you to:
1. Use the map without internet
2. Take the map offshore
3. Geolocate your position on
the map*
*device must have an onboard GPS chip ( most devices do )
2. Zoom in (if necessary)
How To:
Save a map (cont)
After tapping the save button,
your request will be processed
on the RipCharts server.

Your requested map, and
it's required dependencies
to operate offline, will be prepared.

This process can take up to two minutes for larger maps.

When the map is ready for download, an alert (push notification) will be sent to your device*
3. Tap the Save button
4. Tap the (other) Save button
How To:
Save a map (cont)
Now you are ready to download
1. Press the back arrow on the top left
of the app.
3. Tap the "view saved maps ..." option
How To:
Save a map (cont)
1. Press the START button
2. After the download has finished,
you can use this map while offline
* while not required, we recommend that you accept or turn on
RipCharts push notifications for this reason
2. Keep going back until you reach the
Saved Map / Online map
selection screen
A RipCharts Premium subscription is required to obtain
access to the mobile app. Subscribe at:
The RipCharts server keeps track of your devices, and sends download notifications to the
devices that you are logged into the RipCharts app
On this screen, you may choose to view your saved maps (offline mode) or view the latest satellite images (online mode)
RipCharts Premium Registration

iTunes App Store

Android App Store

Mobile App Resources:
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