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Career Shadowing

Mentor: Amber Gurley Job Title: Human Resource Director By: Brooke Thompson

Brooke Thompson

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

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By: Brooke Thompson
Mentor: Amber Gurley
Business: Summit
Job Title: Human Resource Director

The company's memo:
...The people who know workers' comp Purpose of Company:They meet the workers compensation needs of thousands of employers throughout the southeast. Meaning they help employees of other businesses or just people in general, take care of any problems dealing with payment or damages with their company.

The people in her office are responsible for certain departments such as underwriting, sales, marketing, and policy services. She is responsible for all of the southeast office, which covers 5 states. Some of the things my mentor is responsible for doing:
Guiding management on employ relations
Consulting for disciplinary actions
Assisting and recruiting of new hires
Assist in training current employees
Company in 15 years:
-My mentor said that there is always potential to move into other states, since they are a member of the liberty mutual insurance group, however Summit will probably stay within the southeast. They’ve been here for more than 30 years.
Employability Skills:
-Be on time: Their boss has a set time frame that they should be in by.
-Dress appropriate:They must be dressed in professional attire.
-Be respectful to employees: If you say something wrong you can be held accountable for what you said and could possibly be sued depending on the situation.
Salary & Education:
-The average salary range is anywhere from 48,000 to 98,000.
-College degree, preferably masters, and HR(human resources) certification.
Some of the technology used in this career are computers, phones, and social media sites. Technology plays a major role in this business because this is how most of the communication is done.
Skills Needed:
-Social skills, computer skills, self motivation, comfortable with working with highly sensitive and personal info.
-Major organization is important so that you can keep up with each different incident with people.
- You must be able to demonstrate high understanding of business concepts.
I think I might consider pursuing a career with this business because there are many different departments to choose from such as a human resource director, Information Technology, underwriting, and several more. I think I would most like the human resource building because they work sometimes face to face with people and I enjoy talking with people about their problems and how to fix them. The part I disliked the most was how we just sat at a desk for a majority of the day. I am a person who has to be moving around.
The part I liked the most was walking around to the different buildings or the company to see what the different departments do. I found it interesting seeing how each department is different, like how one was pretty much silent, and in the next one there was tons of communication and phone calls going on.
This is the room where presentations are given about problems
employees are dealing with.
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