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The Biome Project!!!

No description

Roger Pacheco

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of The Biome Project!!!

The Biome Project!!!
Weather Report (Used to aid tourists in packing their gear)
•What is the average precipitation?

•What is the average temperature?

•Suggest supplies/gear that tourists should bring to make their trip more enjoyable.
•What are some threats to this biome?

•Are there any endangered species?

•Is there a fear of climate change for this biome?
Biome's place on earth
Biome’s place on earth
•Where is it (geographical distribution)?
•What are its abiotic factors?
•What are the native plants and their adaptations to live there?
•What are the native animals and their adaptations to live there?
•Give examples of cooperation and competition between and among species
General Guidelines:
Each student will research biotic and abiotic factors of a chosen biome. The information will be presented in such a way to create a travel advertisement that will attract visitors to the biome. The presentation may be through PowerPoint, a travel brochure, video, or a tri-board/poster advertisement which will be presented to the class.
Attractions/Tour Packages
•Advertise your biome’s recreational activities

•Publicize points of interest

•Suggest other biomes nearby for side trips
Why is this biome globally important?
You can make a model for your presentation!
Colorful pictures and graphics should be used throughout the project. Creativity and neatness count! Your project should include the following information:
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