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Marketing Research Tchibo

No description

Giuliano Montis

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of Marketing Research Tchibo

Group Liana Kbilashvili
Nicholas Paul Stone
Montis Giuliano Marco International Marketing Research and Information Base Tchibo Table of Contents Theories:
Marketing research and
information base Tchibo:
Company description Tchibo:
Case Study Conclusion Tchibo is an international retail, coffee and consumer goods company founded in 1949.

Fourth largest coffee firm in the world
Market leader in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and Poland
(Euromonitor, 2010) Product Food Products
Cafissimo Non-Food Products
about 25 consumer good products every week
own fashion collection Services
mobile phone plans
flower delivery service Firm Mission Statement consumer trust
focus on employees
social and ecological manufacturing conditions play an important role
(Maxingvest annual report 2009) Strategies Three-in-one-shop
"Every week a new experience" Sales channels:
tchibo Shops
internet web-sales Deciding whether to internationalize Deciding which markets to enter Deciding how to enter foreign markets Designing the global marketing programme Implementing and controlling the global marketing programme Global marketing decision phase
Internal Data External Data Data about our Firm Data about foreign Countries VS Competitors Customers
Strengths Weaknesses VS Cheaper Faster Secondary Research Primary Research More Expensive Slower Information base Demographic factors General Economic
factors Social factors
factors Political factors Which market analysis should be made in the United Kingdom in order to target the right promotion campaign to the right customer group? How would you estimate the potential market for coffee shops (in general) in Europe? How will you use market analysis methods for estimating the possible European market share of Tchibo coffee shops? secondary research before primary research to narrow down the focus do an internal analysis, an analysis of potential competitors and of customer requirements, needs, wants and demands For Tchibo, who offers a variety of different products ranging from coffee to travel insurance, it is necessary to target different groups of individuals for these different products variety of methods, such as surveys on line or by telephone, research groups and so on Using aggregate data from different statistical sources can give you an idea about the potential for the European market, while different estimation techniques can help reduce uncertainty Two methods discussed by Hollenson are the lead lag analysis and the estimation by analogy concept Using data collected from the European Coffee Federation, Euromonitor International and other statistical sources, it is possible to estimate the growth or decline of the European market for coffee shops In order to estimate the possible market share of Tchibo coffee shops in Europe it is necessary first to analyze what the market potential of Europe is in general Also, it is necessary to do background research of the environment that Tchibo would be entering, including competitor information Using analogy and lead lag analysis may reasonable if there are enough similarities between countries, with regards to market factors objectives expand the market to the eastern contries of Europe "Strengthen Strengths Strategy" emotional strengthening of the Tchibo brand in core countries European Coffee Federation, August 2010. "European Coffee Report 2009", retrieved 9 March 2011.

Hollenson, Svend. 2007. Global Marketing 4th Edition. England; Pearson Education Limited.

Maxingvest ag annual report 2009

Maxingvest ag mid-term report 2010 Research of potential markets is absolutely critical to success, along with doing an internal assessment of SWOT and knowing your competitors Tchibo example: UK has on average half the per capita consumption of Germany, and most coffee is instant brew, meaning the UK has less taste preferences and may not be the same market for an upscale coffee shop Generally speaking, the problem related to marketing research is that studying different countries means that you must use a lot of assumptions in order to make the analysis. Issues like tastes, preferences, consumption patters are difficult to evaluate prior to market penetration. Different markets mean different factors and any time you enter a new market, it carries a certain amount of risk. Global marketing research is done to mitigate that risk and guide the decision making process of a company. Bibliography
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