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RMOUG 2013 - Peak Performance on Exadata

No description

Tyler Muth

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of RMOUG 2013 - Peak Performance on Exadata

Tyler D Muth Achieving Extreme
Performance on
Exadata Some
Basics Physics govern the performance of computing systems
Marketing cannot change the laws of physics
Very few people in the world understand the components end-to-end Tuning Begins With... Defining Goals
Setting Realistic Expectations Bottlenecks How do you find them?
How do you fix them? Measuring
Performance Chief Database Engineer
Oracle Public Sector
tylermuth.wordpress.com CPU Bottlenecks CPU IO Bottlenecks CPU IO Memory Code CPU IO Reality Check List of Device Bit Rates wikipedia - http://sn.im/24mqy8q Basic Capacity Planning
A transaction takes 10 CPU Milli Seconds of CPU and performs 5 random Disk I/Os
The requirement is to support 1,000 Transactions/Sec
This means
#CPU cores needed =
CPU secs/tx x Transaction Rate / Max Utilization
0.01 x 1000 / 0.65 = 15.38 round up to 16
#Disk Spindles Needed =
IOPS/tx x Transaction rate / IOP per disk
5 X 1000 / 35 = 142 Disks Basic OLTP Capacity Planning Macro
Single-node / Global / Compare Period / Single SQL Statement (Color SQL)
Mining with R – Look at my blog shortly, also karlarao.wordpress.com
AWR Formatter (show)
EM Avg Act Sessions
CPU Monitor – Dominic Giles
DB Time Viewer
EM 12c
SQLT – MOS Note: 215187.1
Snapper – Tanel Poder - http://sn.im/tanel-snapper
module / action / client_id
PL/SQL Hierarchical Profiler Tools What Can My
Hardware Do? Datasheets Is It Properly Configured? exachk... Case
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