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The Leprechaun

No description

Maureen Bevis

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of The Leprechaun

The Leprechaun

friendly, magical, and helpful
One warm St. Patrick's day, Anthony and I were walking in the park. We heard strange noises coming from under a mushroom so we tip-toed over to investigate. As we got closer, we heard a tiny voice mutter, "Stay away!" Of course, we were curious and brave so we continued to investigate. Suddenly a magical spark flew from beneath the mushroom and gold dust flew into the air. We began to rub our eyes and sneeze ferociously. We shouted, "Please stop! We only want to be your friend." Magically the dust disappeared and a tiny little man with a red beard appeared. "Hello. I'm Liam. Could I spend the day with you kind humans?" Anthony and I looked at each other stunned and nodded our heads up and down.
For the rest of the morning, we played Squeeze the Lemon on the slide and raced around the track. Poor Liam always came in last because his legs were so tiny. He was huffing and puffing so hard we decided to take a break. We found a bench close to the bushes so Liam wouldn't be seen by other humans. "Can we go back to your house because I need a nice shamrock shake?" Liam asked. "That sounds mouth-watering," the Anthony said as he licked his lips. Liam jumped on Anthony's head and ducked under his ball cap. He knew he wouldn't be seen under there.
Once we arrived at Anthony's house, Liam had him get all the ingredients to make a shamrock shake. It was the mintiest, refreshing drink I've ever tasted. Liam told us stories about his childhood and wanted to see what we like to do these days. Anthony took Liam to his room and showed him the paintings he has been working on. Liam especially liked the one with green grass and beautiful flowers. He said that it reminded him of his home as a kid. GRR! "My tummy is grumbling!" I laughed. "We should go to my house for dinner."
The sun was setting as we walked to my house. Liam whistled an Irish tune and we skipped along down the path. WOOF! WOOF! "Oh, no! That dog can smell me. Please run!" Liam panicked. He held onto Anthony's hair as Anthony ran as fast as lightning all the way to my house. Once we caught our breath, we walked inside and asked my mom to make us ham and cabbage for dinner. Stunned, my mom replied, "You HATE cabbage!" "I know mom, but today is St. Patrick's Day so I thought I would try something new." I didn't tell her that Liam is the one who actually put in the request. After two hours, we sat down to eat. I used a milk lid as a plate for Liam. He gobbled it down and politely asked for seconds. I was happy to give him mine. For dessert, mom gave us some Irish Potatoes. Now they were scrumptious!
by: Mrs. Bevis
Anthony decided to spend the night with our new friend and me. We opened up my top drawer and he laid on my fluffy socks. "AHHH! This is like laying on a cloud at the end of the rainbow." For 3 hours, we laughed and told bedtime stories. Soon you could hear a pin drop. I looked over and Liam was sleeping like a baby. I covered him with my green football socks and headed to bed. I knew I would have sweet dreams tonight!
The next morning, Liam stretched and let out a huge groan. He had a smile on his face as he lept out of bed. "I slept like a baby last night. Thank you for your kindness. I must be going now. I hope we meet again next St. Patrick's Day!" He waved good-bye and vanished into thin air. This was a St. Patrick's Day I will NEVER forget.
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