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Swing Dance

No description

nicole feliz

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of Swing Dance

Swing Dance! Nicole Feliz
period 7 Charleston Foxtrot Lindy hop Waltz Tango As Jazz, speakeasies, and Flappers spread around the world this unique dance became a huge craze.
Dancers used body isolations for the first time
Included hand clapping and foot stamping which signified African roots The foxtrot include slow then rapid foot steps that are elegant with a humble sense of extravagance. Evolved in the late 1920s and early 1930s out of the Partnered Charleston as mentioned in previous slide
It is sure to keep your attention
Exciting, fast paced, crazy jumps, and flips The first couple dance ever seen in Europe that involved improvisation.
Many unexpected twists and turns, and filled with fabulous characters.
Tango dancers must develop a strong connection with the music The first dance where the couple danced in a modified closed position - with the man's hand around the waist of the lady.
As it made its way to the US the tempo became a tad slower but both american version and the faster Viennese Waltz is popular to people of all ages. Foxtrot Jitterbug The term jitterbug comes from an early 20th-century slang for alcoholics who suffered from the "jitters"
The term became associated with swing dancers who danced without any control or knowledge of the dance.
Included pelvic motions while shoulders stayed leveled.
A remarkable amount of improvisation mixed in with Lindy Hop figures. During the 1950s it been called rock'n'roll
The closest thing to East Coast Swing.
Dance consists of fast paced boogie woogie with piano, and famous for fast and spectacular foot work and quick movements
Many confuse this dance with Lindy Hop; it resembles but it is not the same Boogie Woogie Differences between... East Coast Swing West Coast Swing style of swing emphasizing fast feet
It was popular California night clubs in the 30's and 40's
It was voted California's state dance East coast is danced to big band and jazz music.

In East Coast swing you dance in a circle with the couple moving, around using considerable space. Duke Ellington 1899-1974 Influential pioneer of the big band form
Band leader
Brought prestige to jazz particularly swing
Referred America's greatest composer in any genre Louis Armstrong 1901-1971 Trumpeter
First jazz musician to combine musical brilliance with entertainment (film)
As a soloist led to the increasing at importance of solos
Established swinging specific genre of jazz
Frankie Manning 1914-2009 American dancer
Instructor and choreographer
Considered one of the founding fathers of the Lindy Hop Fred Astaire 1899-1987 American film and Broadway stage dancer choreographer, singer, musician, actor
76 years on stage
made 31 musical films, movies, and shows Ginger Rogers 1911-1995 American actress
Appeared in film, stage, radio, television throughout 20th century Gene Kelly 1912-1996 American dancer
Film director
Known for his energetic and athletic dancing style
His good looks and likeable characters played on screen
Both are six count dances both are considered very popular Swing Dance
1930's 1940's By the 1930's a new form Jazz had emerged called Swing
This dance was characterized by very large bands By the 1940's there were several meanings of Jive (swing) much of its slang grew up from drug sub culture, much of it had little to do with musicians, but at the end much of it made its way across the nation. The
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