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The Mystery of Stonehenge

No description

Sophia Villa

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of The Mystery of Stonehenge

The Mystery of Stonehenge
Stonehenge as a soundscape
-similar to two pipers in a field (2)
-pre-historic circles known as “piper stones” (2)
-May 2012
- reverberate differently from
each other (4)
-give off subtly different sounds(4)
Stonehenge as an observatory
-Avenue aligns with sun on winter solstice
-pigs slaughtered around December or January
-possible celebrations or rituals (2)
Map of England
Top view of Stonehenge
What is the most convincing theory about why Stonehenge was built and who built it?

What was Stonehenge used for?
But who built Stonehenge...?
There are multiple theories about how and why Stonehenge was built including a sound scape and observatory, however the most convincing is that it was built by many tribes and used as a burial site.
Many Communities
-Built on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England (5)

-Many mysteries about how it was built and what it was used for

-construction of Stonehenge started around 3000 B.C. (5)
About Stonehenge
-Sound scape
-*Burial site
But whats the most convincing....?
Stonehenge as a burial site
-Bone fragments were first found at the site more than a century ago (2)
-mace head and a bowl were also found (2)
- religious or political elite? (2)
-Bluehenge (10)
<- mace head
bones found at Stonehenge ->
Merlin/ Aliens?
-members of a professional class
-Celtic high priests
-John Aubrey
-gather at summer solstice until now
-radiocarbon dating 1000 years before Celtics inhabited region
-more believable in Middle ages (King Arthur believed to be fact)
-believed to be built by Merlin
-predates Merlin
-extraterrestrials with superior knowledge landed on Earth and helped build it
-model of solar system
-landing pad/observatory for UFO's

How was it really built?
-Started 5000 years ago
-Neolithic Britons started
-80 bluestones from Wales
-2000 B.C. sarsen sandstone slabs
-believed to be immigrants from the European continent
-Bones, tools and other artifacts found on the site seem to support this hypothesis
-ended around 1600 B.C.
Many different theories
evidence to support them
nobody actually knows for sure
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