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Organizational Culture

No description

Fawad Jaffri

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of Organizational Culture

Why is it Practiced
Culture Clash at Oyamada Industries
Introduction of the company
Problems that arose:
1. Organization’s response to changes.
2. Duties carried out by the leaders.
3. Identity dynamics.
4. Three organizational reactions to identity threats.
5. Sense making and sense giving.
6. Relationship between organizational culture, image and identity is suggested theoretically.
Responding to Organizational Identity Threats: Exploring the Role of Organizational Culture.
1. Two important metaphors.
2. Both deal with individual behavior.
3. Symbolic inter-actionable approach- communication plays a vital role.
4. Organizational culture changes all the time.
5. If negotiated behavior ties individual to a network of other individuals, organizational behavior fastens individuals to the community.
Negotiated Orders and Organizational Cultures by Gary Alan Fine
Organizational Culture
Factors that give birth to a culture.
Impact of culture of society on the organizational culture.
Types of organizational culture: Bureaucratic, Clan, Entrepreneurial, Market, Corporate.
Theoretical Background
Need of human resource management and organizational culture, in order to work efficiently.
Practice positive managerial patters.
Role of a visionary leader. Eg Steve Jobs.
Culture at nestle.
Importance of Organizational Culture
1) Top managers with geocentric attitude.

2) Study culture of Oyamada.

3) Motivation and equity theory.

4) Proper payment to quality circles.

5) On job trainings.

Example of McDonalds
1- Quality and Hygiene
2- Customer Care
Example of Nike
1- Autocratic Culture
1. Informal trainings to colleagues.
2. Conflicts among workers.
3. Bad performance of quality circles.
4. Union councils being perverse and cantankerous.
5. Ethnocentric attitude

Entrepreneurship: 3M
Problems that arose:

1. Demand to present 5-year plan at creative stage.

2. Only research based development.

3. Expect to generate 25% of the total revenues from new products.

4. Fear of failure

1) Define innovation.

2) Fear of failure should be overcomed.

3) 5-year plan should be demanded at the time of
manufacturing of a product.

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