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Social Media & the Job Search

Looking for some tips on how to use social media in your job search? Check this out & leave feedback in the comments section. Originally presented to Carthage College Juniors and Seniors for their class, "Life After Carthage." January 2014

Courtney Drew

on 18 October 2014

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Transcript of Social Media & the Job Search

sharing your story
"According to a 2013 study by Career Builder, more employers are finding reasons not to hire candidates because of their social media presence."
The messages we hear:
job Search
Social Media
and what it means for your
c. drew -jan 14
the wonderful world of
Welcome to the sharepocalypse :
where EVERYbody shares EVERYthing.
KNow yourself
Create your image
Keep it
-Annette Richmond, Forbes online
Top 3 negative behaviors mentioned by employers:
provocative/inappropriate photos and/or information (50%)
information about candidate drinking or using drugs (48%)
badmouthing a previous employer. (33%)
here's the thing:
you post online says something about you.
and employers want to get to know
so much out there!
where do you start?
in three easy steps
your brand
be authentic
be consistent
be clear
"there is always
something about the
way people choose
to tell you about
Remember: privacy settings can work
Every platform
tells your story
in a slightly
The web is what you make it.
Content that adds value
Celebrating successes
Supports others
Aligns with your values & goals
Gets others to engage & interact
Stay positive
Post It
gut reactions & emotions
dear diary
attacks of any kind
racy/inappropriate media
gossiping Gusters
confidential information
consider this:
Ask your social network for leads on jobs.
don't forget to tell people what you're looking for
Check for potential employers' Page
on Facebook
(this is different than a personal profile)
Add your networks to your resume
tell people how to find you
Share content from potential employers
only if it genuinely interests you
Google yourself
you can control what shows up - for the most part
Check your Klout score
Ask yourself: Does this highlight my brand?
ask meow.
connect :
twitter: @drewcl
facebook: /cldrewski
email: cdrew@carthage.edu
With all the talk about the impact of social media,
do people still do these things?
Take Justine Sacco, PR executive for InterActive Corp, who tweeted about her upcoming trip to Africa as she boarded her plane.
authenticity: a person's willingness and ability to operate in congruence with their evolving values, interests, and sense of self.

consistent: unchanging in achievement or effect over a period of time.
clarity: the quality of being easy to see or hear; sharpness of image or sound.
Know your connections
who will you "accept" into your network?
Justine was fired even before her plane landed.
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