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A&D Sem 2/Week 4/2018

Week 5

Roland Muller

on 14 August 2018

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Transcript of A&D Sem 2/Week 4/2018

Communication in Art, Design and Media COFA1100
Communication Skills for Creative Disciplines COFA9113
Tentative verbs

see, tend to, appear to be, doubt, indicate, suggest
Modal verbs (verbs which modify main verbs)
would, may, might, could
Adverbs of frequency (How often)
often, sometimes, usually
Modal adverbs
probably, possibly, likely, conceivably, potentially
Modal adjectives
probable, possible
Modal nouns
assumption, probability, possibility
some, many, most

Annotated bibliography
analyse a scource
the literature of a particular subject;
the quality and depth of reading that you have done;
the scope of sources available—such as journals, books,
web sites magazine articles;
sources that may be of interest to other readers and
researchers; explore and organise sources for further research.
There may be information you have not found.
There may be exceptions.
Situations can change.
It appears that..
It would appear that…
There is a tendency to/for…
Evidence shows that…
It is widely accepted that…
It is now generally recognised that…
X is indicative of…
It is generally agreed that…

Maclagan (1996) argues that before and after the advent of psychoanalysis, the art world has sent communications and expressions into the world providing a deep metaphoric and symbolic fabric to emerge, which allows for shaping the incoherent and hinting at what is beyond words (p. 92). This hinting at what is beyond words places images on the level of instincts, according to Hillman (1979), allowing them to come from the place of our inherent animal nature as they visit us in subtle ways (p.142).

Reporting verbs
Direct quotes must be identical to the original (no alterations or corrections are allowed) Same punctuation!

Direct quotes must be included between quotation marks “…”

The quote must be cited in the text and listed in the footnote and reference list
Critical debates about the value of popular culture often raise the spectres of Americanisation and cultural imperialism, particular issues for a 'provincial' culture. However, as Bell and Bell (1993) point out in their study of Australian-American cultural relations: "culture is never simply imposed 'from above' but is negotiated through existing patterns and traditions" ( p. 9).

Baudrillard (2003) states that …
Benjamin (1936) suggests that…
Virilio (1999) argues that…

Strong argue, claim, emphasise, contend, maintain, assert, theorise,
support the view that, deny, negate, strongly argue that,
Attributive tags
Author + simple present tense verb + that + clause
Virilio (1995) states that the twin phenomena of instantaneity are presently one of the most pressing problems...

Author + simple present tense verb + noun phrase
Virilio (1995) claims a globalisation of time by instantaneity.
Noun phrase + verb + infinitive
Previous studies have attempted to explain… (Thrift 2005, Pfohl 2010, Dacey et al. 2007)

Noun phrase + verb + that + clause
Previous studies have demonstrated that… (Thrift 2005, Pfohl 2010, Dacey et al. 2007)
Discussion Essay
Type since

Purpose Provides the purpose or angle of the source

Example Artist Joan Coxsedge, in a speech attacking the role of clandestine
agencies in Australian political life, said…
Quoting, Paraphrasing and Summarising
Neutral describe, show, reveal, study, demonstrate, note,
indicate, report, observe, etc.
Tentative suggest, speculate, intimate, hypothesise, imply, propose,
recommend, question the view that, etc.
Reread the original passage

Set the original aside

Jot down a few words below, write a key word or phrases

Check your rendition

Use quotation marks to identify any unique term or phraseology

Record the source (including the page)
Integrating Quotes
bibliography/reference list
The theory was first developed by Browne (Gibbs 1981).
To cite a direct quotation

"Australia is a settler society" (Hudson & Bolton 1997, p. 9).
To cite a paraphrase
Wartime textile rationing was imposed through a coupon system, which meant garments now had two costs: their value in monetary units and in coupons (McKernan 1995, p. 152).
To reference the overall content of a work or longer summary

Author and date
Page numbers not necessary
Barnet, S, 'Getting Ideas for Essays: Asking Questions to Get Answers', A Short Guide to Writing About Art, 10thedn. Prentice Hall, Boston, 2011, pp. 77-134.
Sentence fragments
a subject (the actor in the sentence)
a predicate (the verb or action), and
a complete thought (it can stand alone and
make sense—it’s independent).

There are two options which would alleviate the problem. Raising the dam wall or increasing the size of the spillway.
Rivers cut deep canyons in the landscape. Weaving their way hundreds of miles through forests and mountains until they reach the ocean.
The photographic lense’s ability to see beyond those of human eyes, combined with the copies ability to be where the artwork itself can not be, negating the aura and devaluing the unique experience of the artwork.
Harvard Referencing System
Boosters and attitude
(2010), Sources and Plagiarism. Available from: http://academicwriting.cofa.unsw.edu.au/top3/w_paraphrase_1.html [Accessed: March 24, 2012].
(2010), Sources and Plagiarism. Available from: http://academicwriting.cofa.unsw.edu.au/top3/w_paraphrase_1.html [Accessed: March 24, 2012].
cited in a book you are referencing
'...optimistic, independent yet good at collaboration"
(Tapscott, cited in El-Sharmy 2004, p.25)
El-Sharmy, S 2004, How to deliver training for the new and emerging generations, Wiley, San Francisco
Rose,G 2012,
Visual Methodologies
, Sage, London.
This then, appears to suggest that...
acknowledging your sources
Why reference?
To validate your research
To help readers locate your sources
To situate your work in the discipline
To avoid plagiarism
Oxford Referencing style
(reference list/bibliography)
Visual Methodologies
, London, Sage, 2012
Harvard (reference list/bibliography)
Oxford referencing system
a small number above the line to identify the source
a number and citation at the bottom of the page
bibliography/reference list at the end of your document
citations (footnotes)
in the order they appear in the text
initial of first name then surname
bibliography/reference list
in alphabetical order
surname then initial
Introduce your topic
Give reasons - elaborate
Reflect -
your voice
The inequity in the distribution of wealth in Australia is yet another indicator of Australia’s lack of egalitarianism.
This is the topic sentence: a statement of the writer’s intended argument
‘In 1995, 20% of the Australian population owned 72.2% of Australia’s wealth with the top 50% owning 92.1%’ (Raskall 1998 p.287).
Supporting evidence is provided to support the student’s claim.
Such a significant skew in the distribution of wealth indicates that, at least in terms of economics, there is an established class system in Australia.
The writer comments on the evidence given above.
McGregor (1988) argues that Australian society can be categorised into three levels: the Upper, Middle and Working classes. In addition, it has been shown that most Australians continue to remain in the class into which they were born (McGregor 1988)
McGregor’s evidence is used to support and elaborate on the previous claim.
despite arguments about the ease of social mobility in Australian society (Fitzpatrick 1994).
from ‘despite’ – shows that the student has read widely and understood both arguments (McGregor and Fitzpatrick)
The issue of class and its inherent inequity, however, is further compounded by factors such as race and gender within and across these class divisions.
Again, the writer’s voice is clear. Here the student is linking to the next paragraph.
The relative disadvantage of women with regard to their earnings and levels of asset ownership indicates that within classes there is further economic inequity based on gender …
New topic sentence which connects with the previous paragraph
Unique or specialist phrases
Grammar and sentence structure
Change the order
Identify the attitude
cult value vs exhibition value
"l'art pour l'art"
the actor in a film vs the actor on a stage
distraction vs contemplation
the aestheticisation of politics
On Benjamin
as previously cited
same as last entry
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